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Dedicated to pharmaceutical customers for nearly 30 years, OPTEL has become the recognized global leader in Track&Trace technology. With more than 3,500 solutions deployed around the world, our market-leading expertise and knowledge of the manufacturing process can help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking to comply with regulations or to optimize your supply chain from start to finish, we have a solution that is right for you.

Governments around the world are introducing new regulations for the pharmaceutical industry, and while compliance is not an option, it creates an opportunity to digitize your supply chain and reap a positive return on your investment.

The first building block of a secure and transparent digital supply chain is serialization – and the first challenge is to choose the right serialization partner to meet your needs.

OPTEL’s full-stack track-and-trace technologies can help your business comply with all worldwide regulations while guiding you along the next crucial steps toward a more intelligent supply chain.

Some of the many benefits of having a single supplier for compliance and efficiency:

  • Cost-efficient turnkey solutions
  • Trust: Long-term partnership
  • Added value at every step of your supply chain, increasing operational efficiency
  • Complete supply chain visibility and transparency
  • Scalable solutions toward a more intelligent supply chain
  • Data optimization of multiple manufacturing and distribution sites
  • Data intelligence: Data with context
  • Analytics reporting
  • Local 24/7 support for all your solutions


Fast serialization solutions


OPTEL offers automated vision system solutions from printing, labeling and packaging inspection to physical specifications, product integrity, color and presence inspection.

product traceability


To help ensure that you can comply with evolving regulations in time, OPTEL has developed a range of ready-to-use, preconfigured serialization modules, to fully customized solutions to help you achieve your goals.

Overall Equipment Efficiency

The production efficiency tool improves the overall effectiveness of your production lines and optimize equipment uptime, line throughput and product quality to maximize your return on investment.

Solutions to achieve compliance quickly and efficiently

All organisations that manufacture, sell or dispense medicinal products in EU Member States have to comply with the EU FMD, which requires that an end-to-end verification system is in place for an individual pack of a medicinal product.


OPTEL’s preconfigured systems enable existing pharmaceutical packaging lines to achieve compliance fast.

Aggregation 2023 - Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA)

The aggregation process is meant to facilitate and benefit everyone involved in the supply chain, from the production of medications, all the way to the end consumer.

Full-Stack Compliance for all Business Type

For pharmaceutical companies

The traditional pharmaceutical world is transforming and complexifying. Changes are everywhere: regulations, technologies, supply chains. Digitalization is transforming the way the world does business, and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception.

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For CMOs and CPOs

No longer relegated to supporting pharma brands behind the scenes, CMOs have emerged as key players and partners. As big and small pharma brands alike look to create a competitive advantage through cost savings and operational efficiencies, contract manufacturers and packagers are jockeying for position as strategic partners in business.

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For Wholesalers and distributors

A link in the supply chain that is invisible to most, especially to patients and customers, wholesale and distribution activities are getting more and more complex.
Through mergers and acquisitions, and the arrival of new digital players, the distribution network and supply chain of medicines is rapidly transforming.

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For 3PLs and repackagers

Today’s pharma repackagers are tasked with everything from shipping and logistics to all levels of customer service, inventory management and returns. With a constant influx of new products, new channels and changing regulations, it’s challenging to stay on top of business activities.

For Hospitals and Pharmacies

OPTEL enables healthcare providers in hospitals and retail pharmacies to achieve compliance requirements related to the verification and decommissioning of prescription medications

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Industry players need to comply with regulations that have been defined by government authorities all around the world to fight against falsified and counterfeit drugs and medicine. We can help to add value to your compliance process.


Becoming more efficient by maximizing the performance of your data. Data collected through traceability can also be used to track and better manage raw materials, resources, waste, inventory, product recalls and warranty costs.


Turning your brand into a proven symbol of quality, safety and authenticity. Traceability solutions help build unquestionable trust between suppliers and customers by providing full visibility of the supply chain.