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Association Station

Association Station

Solution that checks serialized products and facilitates aggregation into secondary packages

Blister Safe


Solution that checks pills and capsules in blister pack packaging lines

Bottle Tracker


Solution that inspects and adds bottle labels without interrupting the production flow

Bundle Tracker


Solution that makes the aggregation of grouped products. It checks product count and status while rejecting defective packages

Carton Tracker


Automated serialization solution with great stability for printing and inspection, and that has an integrated ejection system


CIS PrintSafe

Web inspection solution that uses Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology and an automated vision system to inspect and verify label prints

CL Tracker

CLTracker (TE)

Solution developed for implementation in sealing units or tamper-evident features that serializes and inspects data

DS_PA_End_Of_Line_Solution_with_a Cobot_Palletizer_2023_CARD_350x115

Cobot Palletizer

Automated end-of-line solution with a cobot palletizer for the pharmaceutical industry


CountSafe (Electronic Counter)

Inspection and rejection system that provides inspection accuracy and efficiency to electronic counters


CountSafe (Slat Counter)

Automated visual inspection solution designed to detect wrong color, missing items, broken products, foreign objects, etc.

HD Print Safe

HD PrintSafe

Computer-controlled printing technology combined with a visual inspection system that validates printed information



Automated vision system that verifies product information, such as validity, tamper-evident cap and seals, labels, presence of components, etc.



Solution that manages the serialization of products in the warehouse: prints labels, reworks, sending and receiving

Label Tracker


Automated station that ensures accurate serialization on a label printer

Line Master


Software embedded in the line that records all serialization and aggregation events at the packaging level

Offline label tracker

Offline LabelTracker

Solution that prints and inspects labels off the production line while still meeting compliance requirements


Open SiteMaster (OSM)

L3 software that acts as a hub coordinating the actions of your plant, enabling all the management of serialization and aggregation processes

Packstation FMP

PackStation (FMP)

Manual aggregation solution that can also serialize any level of packaging

Packstation SAP

PackStation (SAP)

Semi-automatic solution designed to read serial numbers and add them to shipping cartons

Cap packstation

PackStation CAP

OPTEL’s PackStation CAP is an aggregation solution that builds the parent/children relationship between different packages

Pallet Master


Aggregation solution that identifies and checks boxes and pallets with cameras and/or barcode readers for the central palletizing area

Production Data Server

Production Data Server

Production Data Server acts as a data collector for the production data available on LineMaster™ and Inspectproof™ and makes it available for any OPC-UA client, data historian or monitoring system.



Semi-Automated Print Station

The Semi-automated Print Station: Fastest Solution to implement Serialization and Aggregation for low volume production.

Verify Platform


L4-L5 level serialization and traceability solution that provides compliance with international pharmaceutical regulations

Vial Safe


Automated visual inspection solution for cap, crimp, rubber stopper, label, fill level, etc.



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