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Why Choose OPTEL as Your L4 Provider?

OPTEL’s Verify Platform is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable L4 solution.

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Track-and-Trace Requirements of NHRA Bahrain Guidelines for Pharma

From May 2022, the NHRA will require item, case, and pallet serialization. Know the NHRA Bahrain Guidelines for Pharma in details.

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Republic of Kazakhstan: Overview of Serialization and Traceability Requirements

In May 2022, Kazakhstan will start implementing the compulsory digital labeling of drugs. Learn more about it.

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How Does Pharma Track-and-trace Work in Brazil?

To sell prescribed drugs in Brazil, pharmaceutical companies will need to implement track-and-trace systems by April 2022.


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Ultimate Guide to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Timeline, Requirements and Compliance

If you’re part in the pharmaceutical industry, an understanding of this critical law and its implications is essential to gauge your organization’s DSCSA readiness. We present a complete guide to DSCSA, crucial timelines, and the mandated requirements.

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The 10-Year Revolution: Ushering in a New Era of Digital Traceability

The 10-Year Revolution: Ushering in a New Era of Digital Traceability

As a means of capturing, associating and leveraging data, traceability has existed and evolved over several decades – initially in the form of paper trails and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems – but I predict the next decade will see a game-changing revolution.

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Normative Instruction IN 100: Brazil’s New Drug Traceability Regulation

On August 23, 2021, Normative Instruction IN 100 was published, establishing the drugs subject to the National Drug Control System (SNCM) and the deadlines for serialization and the beginning of communication with the SNCM.


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China Regulation Information

New Chinese Drug Laws: Foreign Pharma Exporters Must Also Comply

New, more stringent legislation adopted by China’s State Drug Administration (SDA) establishes uniform traceability standards for drugs and vaccines, and the Chinese government has promised strict penalties for non-compliance. All OPTEL solutions that supported China’s previous regulations can help pharma companies exporting to China to easily comply.

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Food Safety

How to Mitigate Food Fraud with Digital Traceability

We have all heard about food fraud. Examples are all over the news ─ horsemeat scandal, melamine in baby formula, fake honey, impure olive oil, and the list goes on; however, this blog post focuses on things we don’t often hear about: tangible solutions and how companies are mitigating food fraud challenges while protecting their brand.

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Plastic Waste

Using Traceability to Solve the Plastic Problem

Plastic packaging poses a problem for the economy, the environment and, increasingly, for companies that are out of step with growing demand from consumers and society to find more sustainable alternatives. Digital traceability will have a key role to play in the new circular packaging economy.

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Palm Oil Fruits

Mapping the Journey of Palm Oil with Traceability

Grown only in the tropics, oil palm trees produce high-quality oil used in food products, detergents, cosmetics and even biofuels. In developing countries, palm oil is used primarily for cooking. While it is less frequent in the U.S., this type of oil is present in more than half of all packaged products Americans consume.

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OPTEL Joins Friends of Champions 12.3 in Global Fight Against Food Waste

OPTEL recently joined the Friends of Champions 12.3 network, a coalition of leaders dedicated to achieving Target 12.3 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), to cut by half the per capita global food waste at the retail and consumer levels and reduce food losses by 2030.

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