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 níveis da rastreabilidade de medicamentos

Global Pharmaceutical Regulation Timeline 2010-2023

Pharmaceutical regulations has undergone a profound transformation in the past two decades.

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From Vision Systems to Operational Intelligence: a Logical Evolution

At OPTEL, we set out to do something no one had done before because we envisioned a future where every aspect of production could be tracked, traced and communicated through shared data.

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Blog UX

Putting the User First: How Optel Integrates Ux Design

UX design encompasses everything that a user encounters while using a product or a service.

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Track and Trace - Network

Everything You Need to Know About Pharmaceutical Track-and-Trace Systems

A complete track-and-trace solution is called an L1 – L5 solution, which has a blend of hardware and software.

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Steps to Achieving Drug Traceability in Brazil

OPTEL specializes in developing and integrating traceability technologies for regulatory compliance.

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Traceability Global, Business, Background

Why Choose OPTEL as Your L4 Provider?

OPTEL’s Verify Platform is an easy-to-use, cost-effective, reliable and sustainable L4 solution.

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Anvisa Blog Plano

Anvisa's Serialization Plan

After publication of IN no. 100/2021, the delivery of a serialization plan was established. Registration holders must provide the plan by November 6, 2021


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Track-and-Trace Requirements of NHRA Bahrain Guidelines for Pharma

From May 2022, the NHRA will require item, case, and pallet serialization. Know the NHRA Bahrain Guidelines for Pharma in details.

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Republic of Kazakhstan: Overview of Serialization and Traceability Requirements

In May 2022, Kazakhstan will start implementing the compulsory digital labeling of drugs. Learn more about it.

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Traceability, Blog

What Is Traceability?

More accurate, end-to-end traceability is achieved by assigning a unique code and printing it onto every item produced. This process is known as serialization.

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How Does Pharma Track-and-trace Work in Brazil?

To sell prescribed drugs in Brazil, pharmaceutical companies will need to implement track-and-trace systems by April 2022.


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Ultimate Guide to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) Timeline, Requirements and Compliance

If you’re part in the pharmaceutical industry, an understanding of this critical law and its implications is essential to gauge your organization’s DSCSA readiness. We present a complete guide to DSCSA, crucial timelines, and the mandated requirements.

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