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You want a job that makes sense

This is where people who want to influence the world for good come to act on it. Our team of curious, purpose-driven individuals collaborate to solve some of the most complex problems of our time (fair trade, sustainable farming, secure healthcare and climate change) through the development of disruptive traceability technologies.


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Cultural DNA Story

OPTEL finds the solutions to today’s biggest problems: climate change, secure healthcare and sustainable living. How? By developing intelligent supply chains made possible through advanced traceability technologies. For the last 30 years, OPTEL has partnered with the world’s top brands who are dedicated to using the power of business to do good in the world. Today, with systems present in over 30 countries, OPTEL is known as a socially and environmentally responsible leader in transformative technology powered by the passionate thought leaders of our time. Just like the industries they work in, OPTEL moves quickly and embraces change. This is a place where company culture comes naturally because the team has a common core objective:

To build a better world together. 

economically responsible


You will play a hand in solving the world’s biggest issues. Finish each work day feeling a sense of purpose. At OPTEL, you can feel confident that your influence is helping solve the issues impacting society today: climate change, sustainable farming, secure healthcare, etc. If you want to take action in changing the world, this is the right place for you.

Job that makes sense


Your ideas can have a big impact. Joining OPTEL means being a part of a collaborative team that listens to and encourages your ideas. We are dedicated to solving problems, and we know there is often more than one solution. Being open to new ideas and giving everyone equal space at the table are key components of our success.

Be part of the change


You will be able to own your impact in a self-driven work environment. Our team is founded on trust and adaptability. We believe flexible work hours, hybrid teleworking and complete task ownership leads to the best results. Our team is eager to learn and passionate about what they do, which translates to a really collaborative environment you’ll want to be in.

Quality of relationships


Your curiosity will be encouraged.  We are looking to make a difference in the rapidly changing issues in our world, so our strategy must be just as flexible. You will be encouraged to innovate and approach each complex problem with an open, curious mind. There is no idea too far outside the box.  Our business is complicated and covers a variety of industries. Your don’t need to understand exactly what we do, but you need to be curious enough to learn.


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Employee Testimonials

“Helping businesses to improve their efficiency and sustainability for a better future gives meaning to our work. It’s very motivating to be able to contribute in concrete ways to creating a better world. OPTEL is a visionary company with great people, working conditions and amazing opportunities for growth. I hope people see what a great opportunity it is. If you like technology and care about our planet, this is the place to be.”


Michèle Arcand Marketing Leader (At OPTEL for 4 years)

“You are working on solutions that can truly change the world. This is the company’s vision, and I truly believe it. We are developing solutions that can make a significant difference in people’s lives.”

Elie-Anne Lachance Interaction Designer (At OPTEL for 2 years)
OPTEL Cultural Manual

Cultural Playbook

Building A Better World Together





OPTEL GROUP is the place where people who want to influence the world for good come to act on it.

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