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Traceability systems — enablers for Industry 4.0

Did you know that Track&Trace systems can also offer a wealth of valuable untapped information? Serialization implementation provides you with test and control systems offering significant competitive advantages in data leveraging.

The combination of Industry 4.0 digitization and traceability systems brings a whole new concept: full visibility over the entire supply chain across the product lifecycle. This means you can track and optimize quality, knowledge, inventory, transport, by-products and more, which helps you:

  • Improve processes
  • Boost productivity
  • Optimize planning
  • Reduce waste and costs

Traceability is a key part in efficient control systems – As a global leader in traceability, OPTEL can bring you to the next level!


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The Holistic Platform

Let OPTEL help you connect the dots. The Holistic Platform is a complete manufacturing software solution with multiple functionalities allowing you to manage an astonishing amount of data.

Industry 4.0 Maturity assessment

Complete our maturity assessment to know where you are at in your digital transformation, which systems and processes are better suited for future solution and on what strengths you can start building right away.

Consulting services

Let OPTEL's specialists pinpoint your specific issues and evaluate your level of readiness for Industry 4.0. Our consulting team is here to assist you every step of the way.


Industry 4.0, known as the 4th industrial revolution, is undoubtedly a buzzword, but providing a common definition can be complicated. Part of its reputation stems from the multiple benefits it brings, as well as the entire spectrum of things it will transform. From a manufacturing standpoint, it will mostly affect business models, forcing their transformation through digitalization.

Thanks to our long-standing expertise in custom Track&Trace systems, we have also become data specialists, creating reliable local databases, interfaces and adaptable data exchange software — all of which are used in intelligent logistics and product lifecycle management.

By connecting systems, processes and analyses come to be automated, quickly, leading to data becoming actionable, which is immensely valuable. It leads to better decisions, less downtime and less waste.

The data is there ─ Use it!