If you are a contract manufacturing organization (CMO), you are well aware that time is running out to choose a serialization and traceability solution provider to meet upcoming regulatory compliance deadlines. At OPTEL, we understand the complexities CMOs face and can provide the key features you need in an Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS)/data management solution.

  • High level of customer service. We cannot overstate the importance of great customer service when selecting a solution provider. With the clock running down on serialization deadlines, experience, know-how and responsiveness will ensure that your serialization projects are executed flawlessly. At OPTEL, we’re laser-focused on maintaining a high level of customer service and satisfaction. The continuous addition of qualified, experienced serialization professionals to our pharma team is a testament to our customer-centric approach.
  • Standards-based connection with trading partners. There’s no way around it: fast and efficient serialization requires adherence to standards. Standards not only ensure compatibility, but also eliminate the heavy mapping fees pharma organizations have to pay when solution providers require them to use proprietary networks. OPTEL supports all versions of EPCIS standards. This support, as well as our support for multiple protocols, allows us to deliver the fastest path to compliance.
  • Ability to handle global serialization projects. Pharmaceutical organizations say they’re interested in leveraging serialization solutions that can help them meet global compliance requirements, such as the Drug Quality Security Act (DQSA) in the United States and the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) in Europe. With facilities in Europe, North America, Brazil and India, OPTEL is an EPCIS/data management solution provider with the capability to support current and emerging serialization requirements around the world.
  • Validation support. CMOs are looking for solution providers who can ensure that the validation process—installation, testing, protocol execution and documentation approvals—goes smoothly. At OPTEL, we demonstrate our commitment to quality through the comprehensive validation support we provide to our pharma customers.

To cross the compliance finish line faster, with less hassle and with a lower total cost of ownership, choose a solution provider that has a combination of broad serialization experience, a standards-based approach, a flexible platform and excellent customer support. Since we began servicing our first customers 30 years ago, OPTEL has embraced the values of transparency and exemplary customer service, and we can provide you with references from our existing clients that demonstrate best-in-class support.

Schedule a demo of our software to learn why our serialization and traceability solution is the best choice for implementing pharmaceutical serialization and complying with Track&Trace regulations.