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Blog Food

Advantages of Digital Traceability to Fight Against Counterfeiting of Wines and Spirits

We supports you in setting up digital traceability to put an end to counterfeiting of wines and spirits for better prevention of your brands

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Blog food

Supply Chain Traceability to Improve Post-pandemic Food Security in Canada

The benefits of OPTEL’s supply chain traceability tools to strengthen food security in Canada after COVID

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How to Comply With the Falsified Medicines Directive (Eu Fmd)

OPTEL assists pharmaceutical and healthcare industries with EU FMD legislation. Our mission is to support you during all stages.

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Blog fish fraud

Digital Traceability Puts an End to Seafood and Fish Fraud

OPTEL propose des solutions de traçabilité innovantes aux entreprises du secteur du poisson et des fruits de mer du monde entier. L’excellence est au cœur de nos préoccupations.

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Blog HD printsafe

Hd Printsafe for Your Labeling and Packaging Steps : New Solution to Avoid Recalls

OPTEL puts its new HD PRINTSAFE solution at your service to avoid recalls of your products by improving your labeling and packaging methods

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Blog medicines

Falsified Medicines Directives FAQs

OPTEL publishes a variety of frequently asked questions about the falsified medicine guidelines. Our team is at your service for any request.

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software blog

Serialization and Traceability Solution for Salable Returns Requirements Dscsa 2019

Discover our unique and practical solution to meet DSCSA 2019 sales return requirements. OPTEL is your trusted serialization partner.

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Blog_Challenge of Track and Trace

The usefulness of a professional partner to overcome your Russian compliance difficulties in terms of monitoring and traceability

OPTEL is your tracking and tracing partner for Russian Pharmaceutical Conformity, which will eliminate hidden costs and save you time and money.

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The benefits of advanced digital traceability solutions for the coming decades

OPTEL offers you real end-to-end traceability solutions that can be integrated into your existing supply chains in order to increase your business.

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software blog

Why you need to change your serialization software now ?

OPTEL provides you with the most flexible and scalable serialization software in the pharmaceutical industry. Discover our warranty procedures

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Blog Pharma Recall

Managing your pharmaceutical recalls with our innovative tracking and traceability solutions

The 5 main reasons for medication and medication recalls and the advantage of OPTEL tools for optimal management without delay.

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Blog aggregation

Use today's OPTEL traceability technologies to optimize your resources for tomorrow

OPTEL lists the advantages of traceability technologies for your company around the world. All our resources are at your service.

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