As part of the Visionary 200 Sustainability Summit 2022, OPTEL’s Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer, Florent Bouguin, Eng, M.Sc., was interviewed by the event’s organizers.


The event took place from September 28 to 29 in Chicago. Attendees learned about the latest trends in sustainability from speakers and peers and fostered new connections to elevate their organizations’ decarbonization projects to drive long-lasting environmental and societal change.


During the interview, Florent gave his insights on innovation, technology—and how they can come together to resolve supply chain challenges and fight climate change. He gives a passionate talk on why businesses don’t have to sacrifice business objectives for environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets and vice versa.



Hosted by One Podium, the Visionary 200 Series is a roster of private, face-to-face events so that select senior executives can connect, share ideas and collaborate. These events delve deep into the issues, solutions and impactful trends on a wide range of topics, including sustainability, supply chains, manufacturing, healthcare and human resources.


OPTEL was thrilled to have participated as we were able to bring our two-pronged perspective to the table: how better supply chain management can be the key to improving sustainability across the board. The next Visionary 200 event on Sustainability will take place in 2023, while the Visionary 200 Supply Chain Summit will be held in 2024.


Stay tuned for more exciting news and events from OPTEL!

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