L1 and L2 preventive maintenance
Get targeted lines thoroughly inspected with our on-site L1/L2 equipment preventive care services. Our team of dedicated OPTEL specialists will provide you with peace of mind and help maximize your line’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Focused assessment of lines and targeted components
  • Specific recommendations for process improvements
  • Employee training suggestions
  • Possible solution enhancements
  • Parts replacement/repair recommendations
  • Reduce Downtime
    DURABILITY: Ensure your equipment’s lastingness and avoid line downtime.
  • Improve Brand Equity
    PERSONALIZED: Receive recommendations tailored to your needs and equipment.
Worry-Free Support 24/7
Our experts offer concrete and flexible solutions to help you solve any technical issues – quickly and easily – to avoid production downtime and delays, ensuring a smooth manufacturing process.
  • Rapid response-time commitment
  • Experienced, dedicated technical experts
  • Annual service fees
  • International Support
    24/7 ASSISTANCE: International call center, prioritization and personalized assistance from our technical experts
  • Dedicated Team
    DEDICATED RESOURCES: Available through our personalized SLA offer with optional Virtual Tech Support
Get your own OPTEL resource
Get continuous, onsite, committed assistance, focused on your needs, from resources specifically trained on your solutions, our highest level of technical customer service to date. Distance is no longer an issue when it comes to obtaining the technical support you need
  • Technical service and product knowledge
  • Production support, operator instruction and best-practices tips
  • Direct line to our expert internal support
  • Support Onsite
    ONSITE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: Personalized care, immediate answers to your questions and permanent, onsite technical guidance
  • Training
    TAILORED ASSISTANCE: Hands-on training, demos and learning tools for increased autonomy and reduced production downtime
Use OPTEL’s technical expertise to your advantage
Choose from a wide range of tasks and trainings to get help to setup your equipment for a new product or improve your employee’s knowledge.
  • Recipe Creation, Setup and Fine-Tuning
  • Coder Layout Template Creation
  • Vision Adjustment
  • Camera Calibration
  • Production Assistance
  • OSM Operation
  • Verify Platform Operation
  • Hardware Replacement
  • Operator Training
  • Layout Design Software Training
  • Data Archiving and Backup
  • Support Onsite
    QUICK: All these offerings can be done remotely without the need for a technician on site.
  • Employee Assistance
    PERSONALIZED: Receive tailored assistance on your specific line configuration. Texte pour la nouvelle vignette