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Blog Plastic

How can digital traceability solve the plastic problem?

OPTEL invites you to Discover the advantages of digital traceability to solve the plastic problem.

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Blog Palm Oil

Accurate Mapping for the Palm Oil Industry Due to Traceability Technologies

OPTEL’s geoTraceability solutions provide precise mapping in the palm oil sector to preserve the industry and the planet.

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Blog Food Waste

Fight Against Food Waste

OPTEL joins Friends of Champions 12.3 to fight food waste in the world.

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Blog planet

Alarming Report of Human-caused Planet Degradation

OPTEL lists you a report on the human causes of the degradation of the planet. Acting has become an obligation more than a necessity.

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blog geotrace

Geotraceability: Innovative Solution for Small Producers

OPTEL makes you discover the new GeoTraceability platform and its various advantages for small producers.

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Blog Food

Distilling the Alarming Rise of Counterfeit Beer, Wine and Spirits

Digital traceability has a crucial role in the fight against fraud in the alcohol industry.

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Blog sustainable

5 Ways in Which Traceability Ensures a More Certain and Sustainable World

OPTEL invites you to discover the 5 reasons for advantages of digital traceability

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Blog Food Fraud

Digital Traceability Puts an End to Food Fraud

OPTEL explains the advantages of digital traceability to increase food safety and regain consumer confidence.

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Blog Serialization

Wholesale Distributor Verification Requirement Policy for Returned Salable Pharmaceuticals

DSCSA’s wholesale distributor verification requirement for saleable returned drug product policy gets new enforcement deadline

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Blog residual material

The Usefulness of Traceability Solutions in Supply Chains for Zero Waste

Zero waste for your existing supply chains with the new Optel traceability solutions.

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Blog aggregation

Advantages of Aggregation Over the Pharmaceutical Sector in the United States

Familiarize your business with the aggregation of pharmaceutical products in the United States with tailored solutions from OPTEL.

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Blog Food

Advantages of Digital Traceability to Fight Against Counterfeiting of Wines and Spirits

We supports you in setting up digital traceability to put an end to counterfeiting of wines and spirits for better prevention of your brands

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