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Do You Want Connections or Insights?

With any serialization project, selecting the right partner, one that can provide your supply chain with compliance data and end-to-end visibility, is key.

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Blog food fraud

What Is the Difference Between Counterfeit Foods and Adulterated Foods?

Counterfeit foods are produced with the aim of copying the appearance, and adulterated foods are generally impure: their essence and/or nature has undergone some kind of alteration.

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Blog Brazil

Is Drug Traceability Mandatory in Brazil?

Drug traceability is not yet mandatory in Brazil, but regulations are in place that require pharmaceutical companies to deploy the technology by April 2022.

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From Vision Systems to Operational Intelligence: a Logical Evolution

At OPTEL, we set out to do something no one had done before because we envisioned a future where every aspect of production could be tracked, traced and communicated through shared data.

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Blog UX

Putting the User First: How Optel Integrates Ux Design

UX design encompasses everything that a user encounters while using a product or a service.

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níveis da rastreabilidade de medicamentos

Major Steps in Implementing Drug Traceability

Implementing drug traceability is a long, costly and complex undertaking. So understanding these steps is important.

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Track and Trace - Network

Everything You Need to Know About Pharmaceutical Track-and-Trace Systems

OPTEL helps pharmaceutical companies comply with traceability regulations

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Steps to Achieving Drug Traceability in Brazil

OPTEL specializes in developing and integrating traceability technologies for regulatory compliance.

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Traceability Global, Business, Background

Why Choose OPTEL as Your L4 Provider?

OPTEL’s serialization platform is designed to help you quickly comply with serialization regulations.

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Anvisa Blog Plano

Anvisa's Serialization Plan

OPTEL supports you during all your procedures on the Anvisa platform in Brazil : Relevant advice and up-to-date information at your disposal.


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Bahraïn Nhra : Tracking and Traceability Rules for the Pharmaceutical Industry

OPTEL invites you to discover the guidelines for monitoring and traceability of the pharmaceutical industry in Bahraïn

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Blog, Compliance

Republic of Kazakhstan: Overview of Serialization and Traceability Requirements

OPTEL lists the serialization and traceability rules for the pharmaceutical industry in republic of Kazakhstan. A complete and detailed process.

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