With its three decades of experience and expertise, OPTEL is the only company with the ability to offer true end-to-end traceability, providing granular data at every step of the supply chain—from raw materials to the consumer and beyond.

Traceability enables you to identify and track your saleable assets as they travel through the supply chain (item origin, current location, status, etc.). Beyond complying with legal requirements, OPTEL’s true end-to-end traceability offers your organization a significant competitive advantage thanks to the actionable, granular data it generates.

The unprecedented level of visibility this granular data provides can help you determine if there are any weak links in your supply chain, authenticate individual products and their components, track conditions to help prevent product damage, diversion or waste, and even take control of your products’ carbon footprint. And that’s just the beginning.

The insights you gain through traceability empower you to make informed, immediate decisions to help optimize your day-to-day operations, protect your brand, increase proximity and real-time contact with partners and end users, and ultimately make every aspect of your business run better.


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Traceability begins with product identification, which is at the core of OPTEL’s serialization expertise. With its latest acquisitions, OPTEL covers the entire supply chain, from end to end. Its GeoTraceability solutions cover the beginning of the process—raw materials and resource extraction; OPTEL’s traditional offering covers the middle—the manufacturing process; and its Verify Brand® solutions ensure the link between manufacturers and consumers.

With such powerful tools, companies can track their products, optimize processes, and monitor social and environmental impact in real time. Results can then be compared to those of other corporations and used for efficiency gains as well as competitive advantage. And consumers can finally understand the impact of their purchasing decisions and be assured that the products they purchased are exactly the products they received.






OPTEL’s end-to-end digital traceability technologies allow you to dig deeper into your supply chain data, providing valuable,
actionable insights that you can leverage to increase your company’s efficiency, transparency and profitability.

As the only company with the ability to provide true end-to-end traceability, from raw materials to the end user, OPTEL can help you:

Increase supply chain efficiency

Digitize your product flow to gain efficiency, real-time visibility and transparency; measure the complexity of your supply chain; and optimize inventory management.

Increase Supply Chain Efficiency

Maximize your marketing campaigns

Connect directly with the end user, obtain valuable market and consumer analytics, and monitor the success of your marketing campaigns.

Optimize marketing Campaign

Protect your brand and its image

Mitigate counterfeiting, fraud, grey-market diversion and unauthorized production to guard against revenue loss and reputational damage.

Brand Protection

Contribute to the circular economy

Ensure sustainability, reduce waste, recycle your packaging, optimize resources, substantiate your claims and take control of the product life cycle.

Circular economy

Improve quality and safety

Digitize the data trail to manage your suppliers, authenticate product origin and quality, and minimize the cost and impact of product recalls.

Food Safety


Dedicated to providing quality personalized traceability systems for nearly three decades, OPTEL has become the recognized global leader in Track&Trace technology. With our proven expertise, our advanced algorithms, our custom scalable solutions and our knowledge of the manufacturing process, we are in a unique position to lead you into the future of industry.

Whether you want to begin with simple compliance, start managing your supply chain, or optimize it from start to finish, you can choose from a wide range of turnkey or custom solutions to help you reach your goals.

OPTEL is not just a short-term compliance provider. With an extensive and adaptable, vendor-agnostic offering, we can help you evolve with your market every step of the way, whenever you’re ready.

If you’re looking for a true partner that helps you achieve the long-term efficiency you need to grow your business and position it for overall success in the years to come, OPTEL is the answer.

From raw materials to brand protection, OPTEL’s supply chain traceability solutions enable a wide range of diverse benefits for companies, people and the planet.



To make supply chains smarter, a number of new and enabling technologies are required. OPTEL’s personalized approach and long-standing know-how, combined with the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence, allows us to put these technologies together in a way that adapts to your specific needs and supply chain.

In fact, artificial intelligence and data in particular are at the heart of traceability. Without data acquisition and analysis, all this valuable information would be lost. So the more data is acquired and analyzed, the better the results. Examples of some key benefits include monitoring the performance of your partner network (dwell time, suspicious activity, etc.), automatic detection of capacity, planning optimization, and more.

OPTEL’s data-centric systems enable you to lead this artificial intelligence wave and benefit from cutting-edge solutions built for efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

"With the intensification of traceability and transformative innovations enabled by technological advances such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things devices, we now can increase the efficiency of supply chains and secure them completely. "

Louis Roy, Founder and President of OPTEL GROUP

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Enabling technologies


Distributed ledger technology providing a transparent and secure means for tracking transactions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud-based data-capturing, data context and data lakes are the key to ensuring the extraction of valuable intelligence that helps improve business.

Artificial Intelligence

Branch of computer science aiming to make computers behave like humans. Advances in this area are starting to enable uses beyond robotics and games.

Collaborative platform

Combination of tools and processes to connect and collaborate with others while providing access to all required information and resources.

Business intelligence and reporting

Tools and systems allowing a company to gather, store, access and analyze corporate data to aid in decision-making.

Internet of Things

IoT extends connectivity to everyday things that utilize embedded technology to communicate and interact with the external environment, all via the Internet.