Making business more sustainable OPTEL’S Intelligent Supply Chain®

OPTEL’S Intelligent Supply Chain®

Counterfeiting, transparency and sustainability issues in the beverage industry threaten profits and brand equity, affecting consumer perception, demand and behavior across the globe. At the heart of the problem: outdated supply chains and a lack of traceability.

Next-generation supply chains are digital and connected, linking stakeholders from raw-material suppliers to consumers. Driven by innovative digital traceability technologies, OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain® delivers significant efficiency gains, reduces waste, and increases visibility and transparency at every step.

At OPTEL, we are committed to developing traceability solutions that benefit business, people and the planet, and our expert advisors are ready to put those solutions to work for you.

How can OPTEL add value to your supply chain?

OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain® is a sophisticated traceability platform that generates granular data that you can leverage to measure and optimize your company’s day-to-day performance and achieve unprecedented visibility at every step of the supply chain.

Some examples of what we can do.


Helping your business reach its sustainability goals:

⇨ Circular packaging traceability:
Manage and optimize returnable packaging. Whether you use glass bottles, kegs or jugs, we can help you optimize the life cycle of these important assets and improve your return rate.

⇨ Mass balance traceability:
Improve and confirm responsible sourcing and the recyclability statistics of raw materials used in your products and packaging.

⇨ Smart agriculture:
Connect and engage with farmers, and improve their productivity, quality, sustainable practices and loyalty.

⇨ Business intelligence (BI) reporting and alerts:
Measure the complexity of your supply chain and manage risks.



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Helping your business to digitize your supply chain for increased:

Efficiency by digitizing product flow, supply chain operations and documentation, by improving forecasting and by optimizing dwell times.

Product quality with better supplier management, product provenance and authenticity.

Visibility to enable transparency and supply chain risk management.


Other added value of our Intelligent Supply Chain® platform:

 Brand proctection:
Digital traceability gives you the power to extract granular data to track and trace the origin and history of your products, identify and correct weak links in your supply chain, and turn a counterfeiting challenge into a customer-engagement tool.

⇨ Providing consumer-engagement tools for product authentication and storytelling:
The authentication of product pedigree gives you material to create great product stories and to implement traceable consumer incentives, boost your marketing programs and gain valuable, actionable market insights through unique identifiers (UIDs).



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OPTEL is helping major food and beverage manufacturers achieve their supply chain digitization goals. Our expertise in bottling lines and our scalable solutions will help your organization to get started on the digital transformation of your supply chain.


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Connect with farmers, improve their productivity, quality, sustainable practices and loyalty.

Manage and optimize returnable packaging. Whether you use glass bottles, kegs or jugs, we can help you optimize the life cycle of these important assets.


CASE STUDY: A natural bottled water tackled the global plastic crisis using OPTEL’s traceability technologies.

Keeping Tabs on Kegs Through Digital Traceability

USE CASE: The world’s top beverage manufacturers move large fleets of kegs around the world. Keeping tabs on their movement throughout the supply chain is no easy task. Digital, unit-level traceability technologies provide a solution.


CASE STUDY: A world’s leading beverage brands realized they had a counterfeiting issue, they sought a solution that would provide visibility throughout the supply chain without publicizing the problem.