Location: India GOA   Type: Full Time

LOCATION: Verna, Goa. 

Job Description: 

The System Configuration Engineer’s primary assignment is to configure client products. To do so, he/she must ensure that they understand the client’s needs, as well as design a solution and translate it into a configuration that can be used by the software platforms of the company.

Following the configuration of the system, he/she must also perform a portion of the required tests to verify that the system operates correctly. The Software Configuration Technician is part of a team of specialists in Vision and Programming.


  • Performing Feasibility Studies (Definition of the resolution, lenses, cameras and lighting used on the systems)
  • Performing system tests and suggesting adjustments (Hardware and Software).
  • Providing support in Research and Development for vision programmers.
  • Participating to the elaboration of the solution.
  • Develop a strong knowledge of client specifications.
  • Configuring systems in XML.
  • Performing system tests to validate the configuration
  • Providing support to the Integration and Service Department.
  • Developing tools to increase productivity.
  • Developing scripts to automate production.
  • Carrying out various IT tasks (LDAP, IP address, servers)
  • Troubleshoot Software issues and find the corrective action for equipment/solution to function as intended
  • Provide support feedback to onsite activities once need arises.
  • Should have a thorough understanding of the Solution to and Evaluate what is the best for the solution to function.
  • Bachelors in Computer Science, Computing, Electronics & Computer Engineering or relevant.
  • Relevant years of experience min. 4 years.
  • Knowledge of programming and configuration languages (XML, C++, Python, SQL, PHP, etc.)
  • Knowledge of electronics, PLCs, or coders (preferred).
  • Resourcefulness and autonomy.
  • Knowledge of the English language (spoken and written).
  • Teamwork
  • Desire to learn and challenge yourself.
  • Asset: interest in automation and computer systems
  • Asset: Knowledge of the programming language and script
  • Asset: Knowledge of computers (Office Suite, XML files, etc.)