Traceability solutions to prevent food and beverage fraud

From food fraud challenge to customer engagement tool


From mislabeled fish to watered-down whisky, food fraud comes in many forms―and every company is at risk. The consequences can range from lost revenues and tarnished reputations for brands to serious threats to public health.

The complexity of the food and beverage supply chain leaves it vulnerable to fraud of all kinds, but a solution exists: digital supply chain traceability.


OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain®: Prevent fraud with granular traceability


OPTEL’s traceability solutions can reassure your customers and protect your brand by guaranteeing the authenticity of your products at every step of the supply chain, from raw materials to your plant to the end user, as well as minimize gray-market diversion, counterfeiting and fraud.

OPTEL’s true end-to-end traceability technologies give you the power to extract granular data to track and trace the origin and history of your products, identify and correct weak links in your supply chain, and turn a counterfeiting challenge into a customer engagement tool.

From item-based traceability systems using secure, unique identifiers, to consumer-engagement software designed to supercharge your marketing outreach programs, OPTEL’s solutions for the food and beverage industry offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Revenue and brand protection
  • Brand trust and recognition
  • Raw material authentication
  • Real-time supply chain visibility
  • Efficiency and performance optimization
  • Low cost per item
  • Means to identify points of gray-market diversion
  • Analytics, decision-making and optimization tools
  • Real-time product and consumer insights
  • Traceable consumer incentives to build brand loyalty
  • Direct connection to your customers via chatbot technologies
  • Cutting-edge, vendor-agnostic technologies
  • Secure, cloud-based or blockchain data storage

How does it work?

Our traceability platform to prevent fraud and protect your brand is composed of two main modules. The first is our cloud-based, item-level serialization solution, Verify Platform, which stores data in a secure cloud environment with secure access. For extra security, immutability and interoperability, data can also be stored in a blockchain.

The second module uses collaborative platform integration to connect your product and brand to the consumer, so you better understand your market, know where illegal activities are happening and build brand trust.

OPTEL can manage all types of marking technologies including QR Codes, RFID, NCF, laser engraving, GTIN and more.

Add-on possibilities:

  • Collaborative tools
  • Power BI
  • DNA authentication
  • Cold chain
  • Hardware association
  • Private blockchain (Hyperledger)


More customer-engagement benefits

The Verify Platform enables your business to leverage traceable incentives with UIDs (unique identifiers) to boost your marketing programs and gain valuable, actionable market insights.

The authentication of product origin and history gives you material to create great product stories to engage with your customers.

Our collaborative tools empower your business to communicate directly with the end user to improve the customer experience and differentiate your brand.

If a consumer buys a fraudulent product that can’t be authenticated, your brand can act on it and solve the issue rapidly and efficiently.

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solution components





TURNING A COUNTERFEITING PROBLEM INTO A MARKETING ENGAGEMENT TOOL. Serialized marketing solution for premium beverages, to protect your brand and keep people safe.


COMBATING ILLEGAL PRODUCTION AND ELIMINATING SUPPLY CHAIN DEFICIENCIES. One of the world’s leading agrochemical manufacturers sought to stop counterfeiters with Track&Trace.

Food fraud is increasing

PwC estimates that food fraud is worth $52 billion globally each year.


OPTEL is the leading global provider of traceability solutions, with 30 years of experience and more than 850 employees worldwide.


OPTEL is the only company with the ability to provide true end-to-end traceability, from raw materials to the end user.