White Paper – One-Stop Serialization: Is It Possible?

One-Stop  Serialization:  Is It Possible?

Mario Simard,  Director of Product Line Management,  OPTEL GROUP

When it comes to serialization, there are currently two main viewpoints on how to go about implementation. The first scenario is to look for a module or machine supplier that does everything on the line, while the second is to consider machines and serialization separately. Regardless of the perspective, most people in the pharma industry would agree that simplification is key, and that one of the ways to achieve this is to find a one-stop solution — but is it feasible and does it actually simplify things?

Based on OPTEL Group’s lengthy experience in serialization implementation and on actual data gathered from these various projects, this white paper analyzes some of the biggest challenges and parameters that we have come across with pharmas and CMOs worldwide and how they affect the serialization solution. A brief comparative overview of current solutions and requirements will also be provided in order to determine if a single solution can be implemented effectively, and if it’s possible for one manufacturer to fulfill all requirements.

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