Traceability is the capacity to track the movements of medications and drugs within the supply chain, from the production line to the consumer. It is the ability to verify and document their history, from manufacturing, packaging, handling, distribution, prescription and delivery to the patient.

Serialization and aggregation contribute to building end-to-end traceability to secure the global supply chain.


The extremely lucrative market of counterfeited pharmaceutical products has led governmental authorities to define and implement regulations to authenticate products and bring visibility to the movements of the products in the supply chain.

Beyond manufacturing and packaging operations, Track&Trace systems and solutions are also used in distribution and logistics operations for end-to-end traceability of drugs and medicines.

What is end-to-end traceability?

End-to-end traceability is the ability to trace a drug or medicine all along the supply chain from its point of origin to the place where it is purchased or administrated to a customer or patient. This includes the ability to verify and record the complete history of the item, including its movements and storage conditions.

End-to-end traceability optimizes the management of returns and recalls by verifying the history of products, who they were sold to, when and at what price.

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