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Challenges of Raw-Material Procurement

The Challenges of Raw-Material Procurement

In a constantly and rapidly changing world, we must continue to innovate and invest in new solutions to achieve maximum efficiency.
Because raw-material procurement is increasingly challenging and technologies are always evolving, OPTEL shares its vision for the best and most complete raw-material procurement platform on the market.

The Intelligent Supply Chain®: Achieving unprecedented transparency through granular data traceability

We all know the world is rife with environmental, economic and social problems. What few of us realize is that many of these issues arise because today’s supply chains lack visibility and transparency at every stage of the journey from raw materials to consumer products. Granular data traceability is the solution.

A Better Serialization Solution

Serialization deadlines in the United States and European Union have finally passed. Now what? Faced with complex region- and country-specific serialization mandates, pharmaceutical companies are questioning whether their current serialization software is the best long-term solution.


Technologies evolve quickly, and it is sometimes difficult to stay on top of all the trends and new solutions available, especially in the food and beverage (F&B) industry. This white paper examines three new and disruptive technologies—blockchain, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things — and their impact on highly complex F&B supply chains.

Turning Obligation Into Opportunity (EU)

Scheduled for February 2019, the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD) pharmacy compliance deadline is officially only one year away today! Currently, the level of awareness within the industry is strong, yet many pharmacists are left wondering where to begin their compliance strategy. Since there is little time left before the law is enforced, pharmacists need to prepare themselves quickly.

Requirements and Challenges of Aggregation in Europe

The global pharmaceutical industry is an ever-evolving and
fast-paced environment that must always adapt to the needs
of the patients while following the requirements of various
national health organisations and governments.

Not All Codes Are Created Equal

Many organizations fail to consider what types of product codes are best for them. This white paper illustrates the importance of adopting a strategy that supports multiple serialization schemes and standards to address their various needs.

Maximizing ROI on Brand Protection Initiatives

Brand protection solutions can drive a return on investment (ROI) through new sales, better customer loyalty, supply chain efficiency gains, fraud reduction and operational cost savings.
This white paper outlines how brands can get the most bang for their buck by using serialization, digital product authentication and Track&Trace.

Richer Track&Trace Insights with Event Sourcing

Virtually unknown 10 years ago, event sourcing has now become the gold standard for financial databases. This white paper explains why, and how event sourcing leads to enhanced business intelligence, security and confidence.

Requirements and Challenges of Aggregation in the United States

The pharmaceutical industry is ever-growing, changing and fast-paced. It must adapt to the needs of patients, meet standards set forth by various world health organizations and comply with many international legislations.

The Real Costs of Outdated Printing Methods

This white paper aims to guide pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) in their struggle to solve print quality issues, eliminate unexpected downtimes related to blister packaging, and gain flexibility.

One-Stop Serialization: Is It Possible?

When it comes to serialization, there are currently two main viewpoints on how to go about implementation.