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USE CASE: Discover how OPTEL’s scalable inspection solution can ensure the integrity of breast implants seamlessly, as well as total quality control during the packaging process.

OPTEL CERTA™ tested at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation

CASE STUDY: find out how OPTEL GROUP partnered with the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to carry out an eight-week pilot project to test its user-friendly solution to immediately comply with the requirements of the upcoming European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD).


CASE STUDY: Our customer, a company processing cocoa beans into cocoa butter, liquor and powder, implemented OPTEL’s GeoTraceability solution to create a traceability link between beans and batches of cocoa butter, and obtain complete visibility on the supply chain and make it more sustainable.


Thanks to its GeoTraceability software, OPTEL got on the case of the gold industry in the DRC, since the product can be illegally taxed and/or come from fraudulent artisanal mining or smuggling. It resulted in improved administrative and financial capacities, and more security, visibility and efficiency in the gold mining process.


Learn how OPTEL helped a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company implement serialization on a portion of their lines in the Netherlands to comply with worldwide regulations and integrate aggregation.

Using Traceability to Bring More Visibility to Vietnamese Coffee Production

CASE STUDY: A leading supplier of commodity raw materials for
coffee, cotton and chocolate products, our customer
offers a wide range of services, including buying directly
from producers at origin and selling to branded product

Achieving Effective and Timely Serialization Compliance

CASE STUDY: A pioneering biopharmaceutical company turned to OPTEL for a cost-effective compliance solution that also provided end-to-end visibility of their products throughout the entire supply chain.

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Increasing Loyalty Program Membership with Serialized Marketing

CASE STUDY: A leading retail food service chain already had a successful loyalty program but wanted to deepen engagement with its customers. Read how the global brand used OPTEL’s Verify Brand® Software loyalty accelerator solution to double loyalty-program membership within a year.

Preventing Counterfeiting and Diversion of Health and Beauty Products

CASE STUDY: Every day, millions of counterfeit and potentially unsafe personal-care products are sold throughout the world. Learn how end-to-end traceability can help mitigate the growing threat of counterfeiting.

Digitizing Warranty Registration for Simplicity and Efficiency

USE CASE: Modern consumers live in an electronic world driven by smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Yet, some processes still require paper forms even as consumers become increasingly unwilling to use them. In response to that reality, customers asked OPTEL for a solution that meets their warranty registration requirements.

Optimizing Recalls and Returns Management Through Traceability

USE CASE: Product recalls and returns can be complicated processes for brand owners given the complex supply chains and broad distribution areas many products cover. OPTEL’s Verify Brand® Software with Recalls and Returns Management module gives band owners a granular and flexible tool for monitoring these processes.

Ensuring Secure Regulatory Compliance and Authenticity

USE CASE: In the age of government-targeted cyber-attacks and widespread counterfeit electronics, the ability to trace a supplier and verify the authenticity of critical military products is more important than ever. OPTEL’s best-in-class serialization, traceability and authentication solution supports asset visibility and supply chain security for OEMs and government contractors.

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Identifying and Tracking Food Products to Ensure Compliance and Optimize Inventory Reporting

CASE STUDY: Learn how OPTEL helped the primary supplier of food to fast-food chains optimize inventory reporting and meet regulatory compliance requirements thanks to a software solution that integrated seamlessly into the company’s existing processes.

Leverage Serialization to Mitigate Complexity and Gain a Competitive Advantage

USE CASE: In an increasingly diverse and complex global supply chain, flexible serialization software with technical capabilities, features and functionality can help contract manufacturers and packagers quickly facilitate a wide array of customer requests and deliver value-added business intelligence and supply chain visibility.


USE CASE: In Ivory Coast, GeoTraceability is helping organizations better know the smallholders they are supporting, providing the tools to help them adapt interventions to where they are most needed and accurately report directly to shareholders and customers.


USE CASE: For palm oil mills that rely on external suppliers, the task of effectively engaging, mapping and managing the supply base is a major challenge. The GeoTraceability solution links two objectives: to collect and manage data on the smallholder supply base, and to use the information to improve supply chain efficiency and increase revenues.

Pharma Full-Service Serialization Implementation and Support

Full-Service Serialization Implementation and Support

USE CASE: OPTEL’s flexible and mature end-to-end serialization solution and dedicated, in-house resources help virtual pharmaceutical manufacturers successfully navigate all phases of the serialization process, enabling them to meet compliance deadlines while minimizing the strain on their limited resources.

Decreasing Dental Product Counterfeiting with Digital Traceability

CASE STUDY: A global supplier of dental products faced widespread counterfeiting that jeopardized the health and safety of dental patients around the world. Digital traceability enabled them to authenticate products easily and securely.

Increasing Marketing Performance with Traceable Initiatives

USE CASE: OPTEL’s Verify Brand® Software is a broad, state-of-the-art solution for a wide variety of consumer engagements. It includes campaign reporting tools and a development roadmap that is continuously adding new features and performance enhancements driven by client requests.


CASE STUDY: When one of the world’s leading agrochemical manufacturers sought to stop counterfeiters from faking their branded bottle and drumming products, multilevel packaging Track&Trace provided the solution.

Turning a fraud problem into a marketing tool

CASE STUDY: When one of the world’s leading beverage brands realized they had a counterfeiting issue, they sought a solution that would provide visibility throughout the supply chain without publicizing the problem.

Combating Medical Device Counterfeiting with Product Authentication Technology

CASE STUDY: A global supplier of medical products experienced serious brand-confidence issues when counterfeit products caused patient fatalities. OPTEL’s Verify Brand® Software provided the product authentication technology they needed.

Increasing Marketing Performance With Traceable Incentives

USE CASE: The Verify Brand® Software provides Track&Trace functionality
for a wide variety of consumer engagements.

Using Digital Traceability to Increase Food Safety and Regain Trust

CASE STUDY: The European Union lifted a trade embargo on produce from Ghana after OPTEL provided a GeoTraceability solution that covers all the steps of exportation and involves all the players in the value chain.

Use of the HD Printer™ to Replace a Multi-Printer Solution

CASE STUDY: Find out how one of the largest medical devices manufacturer saved more than 75% in consumables and increased its productivity by more than 20% thanks to the HD Printer!

Combating Electronic Counterfeiting with Digital Traceability

CASE STUDY: A leading electronic-accessories brand faced lost revenues and increased operating costs due to counterfeiting. The company required solutions to quickly and easily identify which products were real and which were fake during the warranty and returns processes.

Mitigating Furniture Product Diversion with Serialization Technology

CASE STUDY: When thousands of mattresses donated to victims of Hurricane Katrina were illegally diverted and sold for profit, the donor, a leading mattress manufacturer, launched a high-priority project to secure its supply chain.

Increasing Product Security and Supply Chain Visibility

CASE STUDY: A leading computer manufacturer and supplier to the defense industry turned to OPTEL and its Verify Brand® Software after numerous cases of government-bound computers being infected with malware.


CASE STUDY: When physical security features had no impact, a printing and imaging company decided to protect its brand from product counterfeiting and diversion with OPTEL’s market-leading traceability and digital product-authentication capabilities.