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Identifying and Tracking Food Products to Ensure Compliance and Optimize Inventory Reporting

CASE STUDY: The purpose of this project was to develop and
deploy a software solution that identified the brand’s products
in the supply chain and also integrated seamlessly into the
company’s existing manual tracking and reporting processes.

Leverage Serialization to Mitigate Complexity and Gain a Competitive Advantage

OPTEL’s serialization solution, Verify Brand® Software, seamlessly circumvents the complexities of partner integration, decreases implementation times, and offers value-added business benefits that deliver competitive advantages to CMOs and CPOs.


USE CASE: The GeoTraceability Solution helps organisations better know the small- holders they are supporting. The information gathered by the clients, using GeoTraceability tools, lets them adapt interventions to where they are most needed and accurately report directly to shareholders and customers.


USE CASE: The GeoTraceability solution is able to link two objectives: To collect and manage data on the smallholder supply base, and to use the information to improve supply chain efficiency and increase revenues.

Full-Service Serialization Implementation and Support

USE CASE: By utilizing a flexible and mature serialization software, our dedicated team of serialization experts can help virtual manufacturers successfully meet their compliance deadlines while minimizing the strain on their limited resources.

Decreasing Dental Product Counterfeiting with Digital Traceability

CASE STUDY: Being able to provide product
authentication has dramatically
increased dentists’ confidence
in our brand and has helped our
dentists create a loyal clientele.

Increasing Loyalty Program Members with Serialized Marketing

CASE STUDY: Learn how our solutions enabled the brand’s
loyalty program to expand into grocery stores and
beyond, positioning the brand to break the tie at retail.


CASE STUDY: This customer is one of the world’s largest agrochemical manufacturers in terms of revenue. They had a counterfeiting problem with their bottle and drumming products. Their brand image was affected. A traceability solution implantation help the company to overcome this issue.

Brand Protection and Serialized Marketing

CASE STUDY: Turn your counterfeiting problem into a customer engagement tool. We bundled our authentication and serialized marketing
offerings to help identify counterfeit and diverted products
while cementing customer loyalty.

Combating Medical Device Counterfeiting with Product Authentication Technology

CASE STUDY: Learn how our solutions can generates secure,
unique codes and deploys them “just-in-time”
during production. Product codes are authenticated through a secure webpage or a third-party call center.

Increasing Marketing Performance With Traceable Incentives

USE CASE: The Verify Brand® Software provides track and trace functionality
for a wide variety of consumer engagements.

Using Digital Traceability to Increase Food Safety and Regain Trust

CASE STUDY: The European Union (EU) imposed an embargo on fruits
and vegetables from Ghana in response to several cases
of contamination. Learn how OPTEL's GeoTraceability solution implantation help lift the trade embargo.

Use of the HD Printer™ to Replace a Multi-Printer Solution

CASE STUDY: Find out how one of the largest medical devices manufacturer saved more than 75% in consumables and increased its productivity by more than 20% thanks to the HD Printer!

Combating Electronic Counterfeiting with Digital Traceability

CASE STUDY: This leading mobile accessories brand is now
able to quickly verify products as genuine or fake. The customer service team can authenticate products
within their existing ERP, helping to streamline
operations for warranty and returns work.

Mitigating Furniture Product Diversion with Serialization Technology

CASE STUDY: OPTEL’s solution allows the manufacturer to track and trace its products for complete supply chain visibility.
Questionable products found on e-commerce sites can also be authenticated and tracked back to supply chain vulnerabilities.

Increasing Product Security and Supply Chain Visibility

CASE STUDY: OPTEL’s solution allowed the electronics manufacturer to track
and trace its products, including sub-components, for complete supply chain visibility.

Kompano scanner


CASE STUDY: A leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing and imaging solutions had encountered widespread issues with counterfeit and diverted ink and toner cartridges. Learn how they have resolve the situation with OPTEL's solution.