100% inspection for quality and compliance

Vision inspection solutions, also called machine vision systems, are automated inspection systems and solutions based on an image technology, such as cameras or scanners.

As a leading global provider of vision inspection and traceability systems, OPTEL has a true understanding of the challenges facing the life sciences industry regarding product and packaging integrity, identification and tracking.

Automated vision solutions allow 100% inspection of labels and packaging, allowing life sciences organizations to reach critical goals:

  • Reduce the number of rejects due to quality issues related to product, seal or packaging integrity
  • Avoid recalls related to mislabeling or printing problems
  • Achieve regulatory compliance
  • Efficiently track products along the distribution channel
  • Improve line productivity and quality control


OPTEL’s solutions help manufacturers avoid major setbacks when getting their products to market. They also prevent time-consuming and costly product recalls, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and provide information from patients about their usage of the product.



OPTEL’s automated vision inspection systems are designed to ensure maximum quality in product marking, packaging and labeling. Once combined with data management, serialization and connectivity, they allow manufacturers to make the most of the data being collected on the packaging line and along the supply chain. Our scalable, serialization-ready systems are renowned for the quality of their cameras, lenses, lighting, software and seamless connectivity with ERP systems.

OPTEL’s innovative and flexible automated vision inspection systems offer:

  1. Product inspection: Determine unit dimensions, shape and color, and verify direct product marking.
  2. Packaging inspection: Inspect seals and packaging integrity in a controlled environment.
  3. Kit inspection: Validate component presence in surgical kits and molded trays. Our systems use metrology to detect millimetric differences in components, such as their positioning, shape and dimensions.
  4. Labeling and printing inspection: Check label presence and orientation; artwork and variable data; barcodes and grading; printing inspection on packaging material such as flexible web, Tyvek, paper, foil and pouches, and more.

Our vision inspection solutions


InspectProof™ is an innovative and flexible automated vision system, offering a complete label, package and component verification system solution for your medicines and medical devices.


CIS PrintSafe™ is a 100% web inspection solution using a CIS (Contact Image Sensor) inspection technology and an innovative and flexible automated vision system.


HD PrintSafe™ is an all-in-one, drop-on-demand printing and inspection solution for web and label printing.

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