100% Compliance with the EU FMD Commercial Pharmacies

Commercial Pharmacies
Single Store LocationCustom Pricing
100+ locations
(PMRs, System Integrators, etc.)
OPTEL Certa™Web App
100% EU FMD compliance
NMVS certified
Setup and configuration to OPTEL Gateway
Unlimited scans
Compatible with multiple scanning devices
Pharmacy automation systems integration support
PMR systems integration support
Basic customer service and online training
Premium customer service and online training
GDPR compliant
Aligned with industry standards such as GAMP 5 and GS1

February 9th 2019

The world's No. 1 supplier of traceability systems, OPTEL has been supporting the pharmaceutical industry for close to 30 years. The only company with the ability to provide end-to-end traceability, OPTEL is your best choice for effective, ready-to-use solutions to help you achieve compliance.



Compatibles Devices

OPTEL Certa™ Software can be used with OPTEL's compatible high-speed ergonomic scanning devices.

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OPTEL Certa™ Software

An easily integrated, flexible solution for 100% compliance with the EU FMD.