End-to-end Traceability: A new Competitive Advantage

Corporate scandals such as counterfeiting, contamination and cheap labor exploitation threaten patient safety in the healthcare industry and consumer safety in the food and beverage industry, changing end-user behavior across the globe.

OPTEL GROUP’s Andrew Kewson proposed a solution during the recent Pharmapack 2019 in Paris: end-to-end traceability.

As part of the event’s Technical Symposium, Andrew explained the vital role of true end-to-end traceability in creating a better and more intelligent supply chain, from the extraction of raw materials, all the way up to the end user and disposal.

Now you can watch his presentation to understand how end-to-end traceability leverages cutting-edge technologies to help your company:

  • Gain visibility over your entire supply chain
  • Improve the safety of your product and, ultimately, your customers
  • Optimize operational performance
  • Guarantee product authenticity
  • Build lasting relationships with suppliers and clients
  • Ensure a more sustainable future
  • Protect your brand and its reputation

Watch the video and find out how end-to-end traceability can give your company a new competitive advantage.



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