Goa, India, August 31, 2020 – OPTEL GROUP, a global leader in supply chain traceability, is increasing its ongoing investment in its facility in Goa, India, with plans to double the local workforce.

Having already doubled the number of software programmers on its software consultation team earlier this year, the company will do the same again by September 2020 and will significantly increase the number of programmers on its software development team by February 2021. The company also plans to create additional teams through new local hires in the coming months.

“Global demand for OPTEL’s technologies is on the rise, and our Indian facility is best equipped to meet this demand because of its strategic location and the tremendous talent already in place and readily available,” said Louis Roy, president and founder of OPTEL GROUP. “We are extremely proud of what our personnel in Goa has achieved over the past four years and really looking forward to reaching new heights with an even larger team of local professionals.”

The Canadian company, which provides supply chain traceability solutions and vision systems to the pharmaceutical, life-sciences, food and beverage, mining and other major industries around the world, expanded to India in 2016 because the country represents 20% of the world’s generic drug market and has a large number of qualified engineers. The Goa facility has since become a key asset and is now the company’s global hub for software development.