This modular enterprise platform helps value chain stakeholders comply with the fda’s FSMA Section 204 regulations

Québec, Canada, May 30th , 2022 – OPTEL Group, a world leader in supply chain traceability solutions for a wide range of industries and applications, today announced the availability of Optchain™, a suite of modular intelligent supply chain (ISC) solutions for the food and beverage industry.

Optchain has been specifically developed to address the upcoming food traceability needs of all supply chain stakeholders to comply with the Food and Drug Administration’s critical update of the Food Safety Modernization  Act (FSMA) – Section 204. With this new rule, the FDA will designate high-risk foods in a Food Traceability List (FTL) that will require additional recordkeeping to prevent and mitigate foodborne illness outbreaks. This recordkeeping applies both to foods listed on the FTL as well as food products that contain the foods on the FTL as ingredients.

Optchain’s track-and-trace technology will enable all stakeholders to easily capture and digitize Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and Key Data Elements (KDEs) along the entire supply chain—whether at the item, case or pallet packaging levels. A food product is initially tagged with a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), along with the identification of who entered it into the system with a Global Localization Number (GLN). Each event or data element is timestamped in order to trace the food product’s journey from farm to fork.

Adapting to the FDA’s regulations may seem daunting for companies in the food and beverage industry, from a sheer operational and digital transformation standpoint. However, with Optchain, a proven food traceability technology platform, the entire compliance and auditing process will be faster, easier and resource-efficient,” said Florent Bouguin, Chief Technology Officer at OPTEL.  “We have worked diligently with different supply chain stakeholders to ensure that our solution suite is tailored to their distinct needs and workflows.”

Pascal Pilote, Vice-President of OPTEL’s Global Sales and Marketing, added: “Optchain helps businesses not only comply with the FSMA – Section 204 rule to elevate food security but also take advantage of many other benefits, such as increased transparency with consumers and partners, process improvement, quality control optimization, reduced recalls, and a preserved brand reputation.”

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