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Bahraïn Nhra : Tracking and Traceability Rules for the Pharmaceutical Industry

OPTEL invites you to discover the guidelines for monitoring and traceability of the pharmaceutical industry in Bahraïn

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Republic of Kazakhstan: Overview of Serialization and Traceability Requirements

OPTEL lists the serialization and traceability rules for the pharmaceutical industry in republic of Kazakhstan. A complete and detailed process.

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The Benefits of End-to-End Traceability in Industrial Sectors

Know the various benefits and guarantees provided by traceability in industrial sectors

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Ultimate Guide of Drug Supply Chain Security Act ( DSCSA ) Timeline, Requirements and Compliance

OPTEL explains to you the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), critical deadlines and mandatory requirements that will be applied in 2023.

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The 10-Year Revolution: Ushering in a New Era of Digital Traceability

New Era of Digital Traceability

Discover with Optel a revolutionary new era of digital traceability in industries for the next decade.

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RDC 658/22 (REPLACES RDC 301/19)

The online drug control described in the RDC 658/22 generates doubts. This article clarifies what each item of article 215 means.

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Blog Chinese Drug Laws

OPTEL Is at Your Service in Your New Approaches as Pharmaceutical Exporters

Don’t know how to get started with the new pharmaceutical export measures in China? OPTEL is here to help you!

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Blog Food Fraud

The Benefits of Digital Traceability to Minimize Food Fraud

Protect your brand by mitigating food fraud using OPTEL’s processes. Our Technologies meet your ambitions.

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Blog Plastic

How can digital traceability solve the plastic problem?

OPTEL invites you to Discover the advantages of digital traceability to solve the plastic problem.

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Blog Palm Oil

Accurate Mapping for the Palm Oil Industry Due to Traceability Technologies

OPTEL’s geoTraceability solutions provide precise mapping in the palm oil sector to preserve the industry and the planet.

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Blog Food Waste

Fight Against Food Waste

OPTEL joins Friends of Champions 12.3 to fight food waste in the world.

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Blog planet

Alarming Report of Human-caused Planet Degradation

OPTEL lists you a report on the human causes of the degradation of the planet. Acting has become an obligation more than a necessity.

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