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DSCSA and FSMA: Two Regulations With Striking Similarities

OPTEL excels in DSCSA compliance. Build on this expertise to achieve FDA FSMA 204 compliance and protect your products with confidence in the face of new regulations.

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The Rise of 2D Barcodes: What Does it Mean for Your Business?

2D Barcodes for Seamless Supply Chains. Discover the transformative power of 2D barcodes to store vast amounts of information, including product specifics, transaction details, and events. Learn how OPTEL’s expertise can elevate your supply chain’s transparency.

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India’s SEBI and the New ESG Metrics

In July 2023, The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) added environmental, social and government (ESG) metrics for mandatory disclosure under ‘BRSR Core’ for 1000 companies in India.

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Tackling the Pharmaceutical Industry’s Labour Shortage Head-on with Automation

Solve the labour shortage dilemma by embracing automation. Learn more

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Overview of the Major Pharmaceutical Regulations

Explore the major pharmaceutical regulations in the world and let us guide you through this compliance journey

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Blog_Overview of European Environmental Regulations and Frameworks

Overview of European Environmental Regulations and Frameworks

The European Union is at the forefront of integrating sustainability into policies. Navigating these regulations can be complex, here’s a summary on EU ESG regulations.

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The FDA’s DSCSA Deadline Extension: What Does That Mean For Your Business?

On August 25 and before policymakers could bring their concerns up to the United States Congress in September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it was granting pharmaceutical manufacturers a temporary reprieve.

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5 Key Insights into EUDR Compliance

On June 29, 2023, the European Union’s Regulation on Deforestation-Free Products (EUDR) came into effect and will become applicable to most companies conducting business in the EU.

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The EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) Regulation

To counter carbon leakage, the EU officially published the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) on May 16, 2023. CBAM is a tariff imposed on imported goods based on their carbon footprints.

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What is Industry 5.0 and How Will It Affect Supply Chain Transparency and Sustainability?

Industry 4.0 is still on the horizon for a lot of companies, being either their next big priority or the technologies and processes they’re actively integrating, such as robotics, smart systems Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data.

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Your Go-to Technology Partner to Meet the DSCSA Deadline and Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry for Future Generations

Your Go-to Technology Partner to Meet the DSCSA Deadline and Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry for Future Generations

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Preparing for the EU’s Digital Passport - Blog

Preparing for the EU’s Digital Passport

Concerned your company is not ready for the EU’s looming Digital Product Passport? Read more about what this legislation means for your business.

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