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5 Ways Traceability Technologies Can Lead to a Safer, more Sustainable World

Louis Roy’s article published on the World Economic Forum’s website about leveraging traceability solutions to achieve a more sustainable world.

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Fighting Food Fraud with Technology

Due to an increasingly globalized food chain and economic incentives to provide products at a lower cost, food fraud has become a major headache for food brands everywhere. Learn how end-to-end traceability can help solve the problem.

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FDA Delays Saleable Returns Verification Requirement for Wholesale

DSCSA’s wholesale distributor verification requirement for saleable returned drug product policy gets new enforcement deadline

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Food waste

Why a Zero-Waste Supply Chain is the New Normal

When food is wasted, there is collateral damage. When land is not used to produce food, fertilizers, compost, seeds, water and labor is wasted. Manufacturing production lines, packaging, transport and inventory space is wasted. For any food and beverage company, there is an obvious operational and environmental cost for food waste.

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Requirements and Challenges of Aggregation in the United States

The production of counterfeit and fraudulent products is an extremely lucrative business, especially where medication is concerned. The black market for prescription medication has become a global threat and continues to flood hospitals and pharmacies throughout the world, putting put many patients’ lives at risk.

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Using the Technology to Cork the Wine and Spirit Counterfeiting Problem

PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates food fraud is worth $52 billion globally each year. How can you mitigate fraud with the latest traceability technologies? Interview with OPTEL’s VP Global Food and Beverage.

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Digital Traceability Increase Food Safety

Post-Outbreak Food Safety Rules Validate Need for Supply Chain Traceability

Post-outbreak food safety rules validate need for supply chain traceability

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Get Smart About Total Cost of Ownership and Hidden Costs

As we race toward serialization deadlines, one of the questions we frequently get from pharma manufacturers, CMOs, 3PL and repackagers is this: how do we really quantify total cost of ownership (TCO)?

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Wholesalers and Distributors: EU FMD Compliance is Right Around the Corner

If you’re reading this post, you are likely aware that pharmaceutical supply chains in European Union member states must comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) by 9 February 2019. As a wholesaler/distributor of medicines, do you know your responsibilities under EU FDM?

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Blog_World Cocoa Summit

Traceability for the Benefits of Cocoa

I recently took part in the World Cocoa Summit in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which welcomed 500+ attendees, including eminent producers, traders, providers, exporters and government officials in the cocoa industry.

by Pierre Courtemanche, OPTEL Group, May 2019

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Fishy Business: Fighting Fish and Seafood Fraud with Digital Traceability Systems

Have you ever wondered where that fish filet on your plate really came from? Are you absolutely certain that the white tuna or butterfish in your sushi isn’t really escolar? Without clear, legal labeling and end-to-end traceability of the fish and seafood you eat, you may never know.

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Avoid Recalls and Protect your Brand with HD PrintSafe

Recent revelations surrounding the safety of medical devices has prompted government and industry players to ask tough questions about how best to regulate these healthcare products and how to better manage product recalls.

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