serialized marketing Customer Engagement program


OPTEL’s Verify Brand® Software allows you to manage campaigns, build data for demand forecasting and increase customer intimacy through loyalty programs and product traceability applications.

The patented platform allows you to serialize products to offer more rewarding consumer engagements, establish or extend loyalty programs across channels, and access valuable, actionable insights in real time. Drive customer engagement by verifying your incentives and delivering the right promotion to the right customer at the right time.

Verify Brand Software is powered by unique adaptive codes, giving you the agility and responsiveness to modify codes in-market, in real time, as market conditions change.

Brands can leverage our platform to:

  • Deliver targeted, traceable incentives – via coupons, email, SMS mobile, etc. – to existing customers
  • Deliver targeted, traceable incentives to acquire new customers
  • Manage and track all consumer engagement activity (sweepstakes, digital promotions, etc.) and link the data to a CRM database

Verify Brand solutions create a critical link to the consumer as an integral part of the Intelligent Supply ChainTM made possible by OPTEL, the only company offering end-to-end traceability and visibility throughout the product life cycle.



Increase efficiency, reduce execution costs, improve user experience and capture more meaningful customer data. Our channel-agnostic platform and flexible APIs can help make your “I wish our loyalty program did _____” aspirations a reality.


Extend your loyalty program beyond your own channels into those of your retail partners. Give your most active customers and loyalty program members increased flexibility and even more reasons to engage with your brand, wherever they buy your products.

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Generate higher ROI for your loyalty program by acquiring new members. Immediately reward new members at sign-up and throttle incentives to the right level based on each customer’s likelihood to join your program. Acquisition incentives integrate seamlessly with your CRM data and can be delivered through any channel.


Turn your customers into an extension of your marketing team by rewarding behaviors in addition to purchases. Our software lets you embed incentives into actions that share the love for your brand, including forwarding emails to friends, posting hashtags and sharing social media content.


OPTEL’s channel-agnostic chatbot interface will allow you to further engage your customers through real-time conversations. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), this intuitive “digital concierge” acts as a direct gateway to personalized user support, drawing on OPTEL’s traceability technology and vast databases to optimize the customer experience.


With so much marketing chatter, you need to reach your customers with the right offer at the right time. Our omni-channel platform helps you rise above the noise and deliver unique, personalized offers via digital, mobile, social and in-store channels.

PERSONALIZEUse our secure, unique identifiers on physical products or in digital campaigns to supercharge your customer rewards programs.

VERIFYYou set the campaign rules, and our rules-based engine will verify the value and authenticity of 100 unique identifiers per second.

TRACK: Track where, when and how customers redeem your offers—and what they purchased—and adjust campaign rules in-market.

REPORTAccess and share data-rich campaign reports, from creation through redemption, to create personalized offers.