Validation is a critical and complex phase of serialization deployment.  Unfortunately, most serialization software vendors don’t provide validation support for their customers, forcing clients to outsource validation to a third-party vendor. Pharma companies are realizing that this is not only challenging but it is also putting their serialization deployment timeline at risk.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a platform with three environments for testing, validation, and production along with a team of in-house validation experts that execute qualification documents, create qualification reports, conduct training, configure monitoring systems and provide ongoing support for our customer. Our flexible platform, built on universal EPCIS standards, and our team of rock star validation experts equip our clients with a SWIFT and efficient serialization deployment.

But don’t take our word for it, see what our customers have to say.

“One of our main deciding factors in selecting the Verify Brand Software was that the Verify Platform could be validated to the standards of our quality framework. They exceeded our validation expectations and clearly delivered against their service commitment of assigning proven, senior resources to ensure the highest quality delivery.” 

“Implementation team has been ‘transformative’ in their contributions. This would be a breeze if all my vendors were as good as OPTEL Group.”

Customers aren’t the only ones who love our validation processes  so do auditors. We pride ourselves on passing all customer audits.

“I would place the Verify Brand Software at the high-end of the list on software vendors that I’ve audited.” – third-party auditor with 30+ years of experience

“Top notch talent! Impressed with all of the individuals we’ve spoken with during the audit cross-functionality.”

“Excellent SOPs! [OPTEL has] clearly defined processes that have what is needed.”

To learn more about our flexible, single-tenant platform, request a software demo.