OPTEL’s Partnership with De La Rue Enables the Most Powerful and Versatile Anti-Counterfeiting Solution Available

According to Research and Markets, the cost of counterfeiting in 2017 is estimated to be $1.2 Trillion and growing.

This is a very real and even dangerous threat to both businesses and consumers as counterfeit products not only mean a loss of revenue and reputation for brands, but also a safety concern for the public, as counterfeit products don’t follow the strict quality practices often imposed on authentic brands.

To help address this important global and cross-industry issue, developing secure and truly effective new products is key. With this in mind, OPTEL is working with De La Rue to create the most powerful anti-counterfeiting solution on the market.

Powered by OPTEL’s unique L4 serialization software and combined with De La Rue’s state-of-the-art holographic printing expertise ─ originally developed for currencies and passports ─ these new anti-counterfeiting solutions offer brand owners unprecedented security, product visibility and authenticity protection, from the manufacture to the end consumer.

This partnership will leverage an unparalleled level of knowledge, capability and global reach in order to protect brands, ensure product safety and even develop customer engagement, particularly in industries touching the general public, such as food and beverage, cosmetics and luxury goods, and any product that is subject to counterfeiting or piracy.

When referring to the partnership, OPTEL president, Louis Roy, stated:
“OPTEL has always been an innovative and customer-centric company, so we are always pleased to use our technologies to help develop something new that will create value and safety. The capability fit between our two companies is very clear. Beyond that, we are excited about this opportunity because we share a common belief in responsible and sustainable business. Our complementary technologies and shared values make me confident that this partnership will flourish.”