Maximize Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Efficiency and Security

Everyone from manufacturers to patients needs to think about the safety and security of pharmaceutical products. As the pharma industry continues to adapt to new challenges and increasing demand for transparency, companies must also equip themselves with the tools to meet expectations while maximizing operational efficiency.

What is supply chain efficiency and security?

A supply chain typically performs five steps:

  • Planning
  • Sourcing (Finding suppliers)
  • Making (Manufacturing)
  • Delivering
  • Returning

Supply chain efficiency is getting the right product to the right person at the right time at the least cost.

As important as efficiency is the security of the supply chain to protect patients and ensure they receive genuine products that have not been compromised.

How to improve supply chain efficiency and security?

  • Increase information sharing and visibility with key stakeholders
  • Monitor data from equipment with OEE software to highlight areas for improvement
  • Implement brand protection and anti-counterfeiting strategies

What technologies can I use to make my supply chain more efficient and secure?

The first is Verify Platform, a powerful software program designed to increase efficiency and security at the manufacturing, distribution and healthcare levels of the supply chain. The second is the Production Efficiency Tool, designed to optimize manufacturing operations.

Together, these tools offer a wealth of benefits, including the ability to:



  • Manage serial numbers (UIDs)
  • Aggregate
  • Optimize production performance
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage product expiration
  • Reduce waste
  • Reduce time to market
  • Achieve full reconciliation
  • Guarantee quality
  • Leverage smart sensors
  • Obtain alerts
  • Obtain best performance from machinery
  • Increase production
  • Reduce machinery costs
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Increase energy efficiency



  • Keep track of shipping operations
  • Gain visibility over the distribution flow
  • Optimize dwell times
  • Improve inventory management and operations



  • Validate product authenticity
  • Ensure Safety
  • Protect your brand
  • Facilitate recalls

To learn more about what OPTEL’s Verify Platform, Production Efficiency Tool and other Intelligent Supply Chain® (ISC) solutions can do to give your company a competitive edge,