Don’t sacrifice long-term ROI. Be sure you’re getting business-transforming insights beyond compliance.

With the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and the EU’s Falsified Medicines Directives (EUFMD) deadlines coming up, pharma manufacturers, CMOs/CPOs and 3PL are investing significant resources in building the necessary systems to ensure that they meet regulatory compliance requirements. While resource-intensive serialization projects can cause major disruptions to business operations, many pharma organizations are also realizing their serialization investment can provide value beyond compliance in terms of supply chain insights. In fact, according to KPMG’s 2017 Serialization & Traceability Trends report, more than 70 percent of the companies they surveyed said they have or plan to use serialization data to enhance business processes.

Whether you have already selected a serialization provider and need reporting software or are still in the process of choosing a solution, OPTEL’s real-time reports and traceability capabilities can help you leverage your serialization efforts to create a smarter supply chain and provide your company with a greater return on your compliance investment.

Our lead solution architect, Scott Pugh, spoke during LogiPharma 2017 about the importance of using serialized data to create a smarter supply chain. During his presentation, he demonstrated how pharma organizations and their supply chain partners can leverage serialization data to improve their business processes.


Here we have outlined seven supply chain insights you can get with Verify Brand’s suite of smart analytics:

Dwell timesView time on site across CMOs and 3PL to identify idle products and change production schedules or implement sales incentives.
Line qualitySystem alerts can quickly identify issues with partner (CMO, 3PL) integrations and serialization data.
Expiration dates Receive alerts that tell you which products have been sitting at downstream trading partner locations and are nearing their expiration date. Limit product loss and/or implement sales incentives.
Return management and trendsCapture critical insights through a product’s history from commissioning to packing to shipping. Impose returns authentication to detect product diversion and decrease parallel trade.
Authentication and patient safety Gain visibility into suspicious activity and authentication trends via mobile or desktop devices.
Channel allocationUnderstand your flow of finished serialized product and identify under- or over-allocated product shipments to each of your downstream trading partners. Reduce the bullwhip effect and create a demand-driven supply chain.
Capacity constraints or issue trendsTrack commissioned, decommissioned, destroyed, damaged, sampled and quality-controlled serial numbers/products. Use this data to better understand individual CMO capacity constraints or production issues.


When choosing a serialization partner, don’t compromise your long-term ROI for a short-term solution. Contact us today to learn how to put your serialization data to work with Verify Brand’s analytics software.