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As wide as its range of solutions, OPTEL’s training program includes traditional classes, mixed classes, virtual classes and training needs analysis. Using detailed product documentation, job aids and collaborative platforms, our training is continuously evolving and improving. We can help anyone master the key concepts of OPTEL’s solutions, no matter your job level or business objectives. Our technical trainers give prescheduled classes, with clear instructions and simplified content, according to your requirements. OPTEL’s proven, complete training program will help maximize the efficiency of your day-to-day manufacturing processes. Learn how to use your solution easily, uncover the secrets to a successful production line, get useful tips on our solutions’ features, and more!


  • Quick, convenient and personalized training
  • Various types of classes and training levels
  • OPTEL trainers help you select the right class for your needs
  • Clear, pre-determined training objectives
  • Experienced, qualified technical trainers

Virtual On-Demand 60 minutes classes

We offer a wide range of virtual training sessions on our various systems and solutions. We cover everything from barcodes to serialization to system maintenance – a learning opportunity that is available whenever you want it, wherever you happen to be.

Each training session lasts 50 minutes, followed by a 10-minute question period.

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Virtual TrainingDescriptionObjectivesTarget Audience

Advanced Vision Parameters – OCV, 1D and 2D barcodes

This course covers OCVs, 2D barcodes and Data Matrix analyzers and inspection frame quality criteria.
A recap on how to build a reference using OPTEL's PharmaProof.

1) Analyzer criteria
2) How to detect bad analyzers
3) How to set a good inspection frame


LineMaster Overview and Configuration

This course offers to visit or revisit LineMaster software menus and functionalities and a step-by-step update of LineMaster`s configuration sequence for a new product.

1) Identify LineMaster's key functionalities: Initial setup, starting a batch, ongoing production, post-production.
2 ) Identify and sequence the LineMaster configuration steps for a new product.

Maintenance IT

Optical Setup

This training aims to introduce learners to the mechanical notions, adjustments and defects of a camera on the OPTEL system.

1) Identify component and camera features
2) Understand camera adjustments
3) Proceed to an adjustment sequence


Serialization - Latest Updates

Be informed of the latest international serialization standards.
Learn more about aggregation and Russian crypto codes.

1) Understand the concept of serialization
2) Understand the benefits of track and trace for businesses
3) Apply GS1 standards during production
4) Understand aggregation
5) Understand Russian serialization standards


System components and Preventive Maintenance

This course is designed to show learners the various
system components of OPTEL's systems and how to plan a good preventive maintenance of their system to maintain full capacity.

1) Maintenance of the OPTEL system
2) Understand backup types
3) Understand the most common error messages in OPTEL systems
4) Recognize the main components of OPTEL systems


Audit Trails

This training helps users understand OPTEL's audit trails
generated by LineMaster and Open SiteMaster, their use and the information that they convey.

1) Identify the differences between audit and batch trails
2) Identify when they are created and where they are located
3) Understand the data contained in each report and its use


OSM Overview

The goal of this training is to introduce learners to
Open SiteMaster by outlining the main functionalities and operations of OPTEL's OSM and LineMaster, to manage a batch and analyze reports.

1) Identify the purpose and benefits of OSM
2) Configure and manage material masters
3) Configure and manage lots and workflows


Optel Bridge Connectors Overview

The goal of this training is to introduce learners to the LineMaster Optel Bridge by outlining the configuration and functionalities of the main connectors.

1) Identify the main connectors
2) Understand the configuration required
3) Identify the process required to switch between testing and production environments


Introduction to Kompano

This course introduces learners to the Kompano solution, by outlining its main functionalities and operations.

1) Use Kompano to perform various operations
2) Understand the benefits of our Kompano solution
3) Understand Kompano`s place in the industry and its use for compliance

Warehouse Clerk

Verify Platform Overview

This course offers an overview of our Verify Platform, a
pre-designed hardware and software solution developed to meet serialization and/or aggregation needs.

1) Introduction to the Verify Platform
2) Understand its system functionalities


Training Services Offering

Basic Training

Attendees will be able to operate their OPTEL system with functional operator proficiency.

Production Line Management

Attendees will be able to operate OPTEL systems with production line supervisor proficiency.

Serialization specialist

Attendees will gain specialized knowledge of OPTEL systems, allowing them to operate, maintain and troubleshoot them efficiently.

Optel systems configuration

Attendees will be able to operate their OPTEL systems with managerial proficiency.

OSM and Linemaster connectors

Attendees will be able to manage a batch using OSM and configure LineMaster connectors with managerial proficiency.

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