Training Made Easy

As wide as its range of solutions, OPTEL’s training program includes traditional classes, mixed classes, virtual classes and training needs analysis. Using detailed product documentation, job aids and collaborative platforms, our training is continuously evolving and improving. We can help anyone master the key concepts of OPTEL’s solutions, no matter your job level or business objectives. Our technical trainers give prescheduled classes, with clear instructions and simplified content, according to your requirements. OPTEL’s proven, complete training program will help maximize the efficiency of your day-to-day manufacturing processes. Learn how to use your solution easily, uncover the secrets to a successful production line, get useful tips on our solutions’ features, and more!



  • Quick, convenient and personalized training
  • Various types of classes and training levels
  • OPTEL trainers help you select the right class for your needs
  • Clear, pre-determined training objectives
  • Experienced, qualified technical trainers

Training Services Offering

Basic Training

Attendees will be able to operate their OPTEL system with functional operator proficiency.

Production Line Management

Attendees will be able to operate OPTEL systems with production line supervisor proficiency.

Serialization specialist

Attendees will gain specialized knowledge of OPTEL systems, allowing them to operate, maintain and troubleshoot them efficiently.

Optel systems configuration

Attendees will be able to operate their OPTEL systems with managerial proficiency.

OSM and Linemaster connectors

Attendees will be able to manage a batch using OSM and configure LineMaster connectors with managerial proficiency.

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