Spare Parts

Discover our spare parts offer, to maximize your OPTEL solution

OPTEL helps you choose the parts you may require now or in the future, à la carte or in packages, with our precise, customized Spare Parts lists.

Professional Services - Spare Parts - recommended-spare-parts-list

Recommended list

A complete, customized list of spare parts that allow you to carry only minimum inventory in your facilities (includes critical-parts lists)

Professional Service - Spare Parts - critical list

Critical List

Only the absolute minimum spare parts, giving you what you need to get back up and running while avoiding downtime

Professional services Optimal Spare parts List

CartonTracker, BottleTracker and OEM list

Customized list of critical spare and replacement belts specific to your machine that are usually difficult to get quickly.

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Minimize downtime

Future-proof replacement parts to efficiently handle emergencies and lengthy, unexpected technical issues



Availability of required parts for future or immediate needs, with a streamlined, simplified on-site inventory


Dedicated team

Specialized consulting services from a devoted expert team, offering a personalized spare parts plan and support



Improved ROI, maximizing the longevity of solutions and decreasing losses, with customized services