OPTEL’s LabelTracker™ is a complete automated station that allows the identification and verification of unit-level products for serialization. The LabelTracker ensures accurate serialization identification to meet product authentication and traceability requirements.

The LabelTracker is the most advanced technology for unit-level serialization on a labeler. It performs serial number verification and commissioning. As with all TrackSafe™ products, LabelTracker supports any coding standard and serialization requirement.

Combined with TrackSafe, it can generate serial numbers locally or download them from any centralized serial number provider. It also transfers the serialization data ownership with all major IT solution providers such as SAP-AII and other compliant EPCIS services.


  • Installation on any labeler (bottle, carton, vial, case, etc.)
  • Serialized and non-serialized capability with speed up to 800 labels/minute
  • Print and inspect Data Matrix and human-readable codes with correlation of Data Matrix and text
  • 60 vision tools available
  • Ejection with confirmation