INSPECTSAFE™ Powerful Inspection Solutions

OPTEL’s InspectSafeTM is a scalable vision inspection system that combines the power of 30 years of expertise and innovative technologies proven in thousands of applications and several industries such as pharma, medical devices, food and beverage, and mining. 

This automated vision inspection system reliably inspects the physical characteristics and presence of components contained in kits and trays, labels, vials, blisters, cartons, cases and more. It also inspects fixed and variable data on labels, webs, direct-marked products, flip-offs and other packaging. It is truly scalable and serialization ready. 

InspectSafe is available in three different configuration levels* and displays to adapt to the requirements and space constraints of your packaging lines. 

InspectSafe increases overall line performance and quality assurance to help manufacturers avoid recalls linked to mislabeling and rejects related to product integrity.

table inspectsafe


  • More than 60 functions in four inspection categories:
    • Product inspection: Unit dimensions, shape, color, direct product marking (embossed codes)
    • Packaging inspection: Packaging integrity, seal inspection, inserts, topserts and sideserts, cap and tamper-evident seals – Kit inspection: Component presence, shape and dimensions
    • Kit inspection: Component presence,
      shape and dimensions
    • Labeling and printing inspection: Label presence, orientation, print positioning and quality, artwork and variable data, verification of characters (OCV/OCR on lot, expiry date, DIN/NDC, label ID and serial number), online grading of linear barcodes and 2D codes (Data Matrix) according to ISO/IEC standards
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant 
  • Full reporting 
  • Scalable configuration 
  • ERP connectivity 
  • Traceability ready



  • Complete inspection 
  • Quick and easy steps for unlimited recipe storage 
  • Configurable alarms 
  • Fully integrated product tracking 
  • Data management tools: Connectivity with ERP system, batch record and device control 
  • High accuracy (low false-reject rate) 
  • IO control: Stand-alone units (PLC integration possible, but not required) 
  • No contact with product
  • Toolless changeovers for quick and simple software setup
  • Compact design for easy integration 
  • Optimized systems 
  • Integration including IQ/OQ documentation

* The configuration of the system will depend on the specific requirements of your project and may change after a vision study of the project is performed