Looking for a fully UDI-compliant Web printing solution?

How can you implement a flexible printing solution that can be retrofitted to existing packaging devices?

Need to print artwork and variable information on demand directly on your web materials?

How can you easily connect to your ERP or labeling solutions?

Looking for the most cost effective inline printing solution?

How can you increase your line efficiency and lower your inventory?

For the past 27 years, OPTEL has developed an expertise in printing technologies.

OPTEL’s experts have installed and supported several printers models from more than
15 of the largest printer manufacturers.

The HD PRINTER™ is a drop-on-demand printing solution.

The HD Printer™ is a UDI-compliant, high quality printing solution specifically designed for large web prints that can print barcodes directly on Tyvek, poly, medical paper and other substrates.

For UDI compliance, fifteen critical items of the barcode are graded. The grade of the barcode is determined by the lowest grade given to a single critical item. A grade C or better is required for UDI compliance. The HD Printer™ allows ANSI grade B on any printing substrates.

The HD Printer™ uses the world’s fastest and highest resolution inkjet printhead technology. It meets the rigorous demands for printing dates, times, barcodes, serial numbers and text on coated and uncoated packaging web materials.

This efficient and cost-effective solution offers a simple and flexible workflow.

The HD Printer™ is a reliable, high-speed and high-definition, digital inkjet printing system specifically designed to print any design whether it be monochrome, two colors, or CMYK; while increasing the line efficiency.

HD PRINTER™ performance, the numbers say it all:

Up to 20%+

Increase in productivity

Up to 90%+

Reduction in cleaning products consumption

Up to 70%+

Reduction of changeover times

Up to 75%+

Savings on consumables

To learn more, Read our case study:

Use of the HD Printer to replace a multi-printer solution

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  • Native 600×600 dpi Ceramic Piezo printheads
  • Automatic purge button
  • Negative pressure
  • Print width from 108mm to 630mm
  • Print speed up to 100m/min.
  • UV cured ink, water-based dyes and pigmented inks or MICR ink.
  • Monochrome, two colors, CMYK capabilities
  • UV curable inks for superb print quality on any substrate including poly, foil, medical paper, Tyvek, etc.
  • Built-in Barcode Width Reduction for high quality barcodes on porous substrates.
  • 4-drop sizes (6,7,11,14 PL)
  • 1 liter bottles of ink


  • Instant start up & shutdown
  • Connect to customer ERP system
  • Completely programmable with auto date calculations, barcodes (GS1 data matrix, linear barcodes, etc.)
  • Network capable
  • No compressed air required



  • Fully integrated inkjet system
  • LED lights for ink curing reduce energy consumption, small footprint, and no hazardous by-products
  • 600×600 dpi at 50m/min. , 600×300 dpi at 100m/min. and 300×300 dpi at 150m/min.
  • Print on seals with no adverse effects to the print or seal gasket
  • Advanced Web module
  • UV curing system
  • Easy connection system
  • Low inventory
  • One color, two colors, or CMYK

Are you 100% sure to avoid recalls due to labeling problems?

How can you avoid recalls related to labeling mix-ups, incorrect or missing expiration date, or false and misleading labels?

Add a vision inspection solution specifically designed to work with the HD PRINTER™ and get the all-in-one drop-on-demand print and inspect solution, the HD PrintSafe™.

The HD PrintSafe™ is a 100% inline inspection and barcode grading solution.


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