Implications of EU FMD for Dispensers

The EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) requires that by February 9, 2019, pharmaceutical companies must serialise prescription medicines using a 2D barcode that contains the following information: product code, serial number, national reimbursement number (where required), batch number, and expiration date.


2018-05-09 13:00 EST

Blockchain technology has the potential to greatly revolutionize many areas of our lives, including improving visibility into pharma value chains.


As of February 9, 2019, the European Union Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) will require pharmacies to verify and decommission all prescription medications, using their unique serial number, before dispensing them to patients.


Make sure you have a robust, realistic plan to meet the February 9, 2019 EU FMD compliance deadline.

EU FMD: Turning Obligation into Opportunity

The understanding of the EU FMD remains somewhat unclear among EU pharmacists, yet with the legislation coming into effect on February 9, 2019, the timeframe for compliance is short.

Fast Track to Serialization Compliance

CMOs and pharmaceutical companies shipping prescription drugs to the United States must implement serialization programs in order to comply with FDA legislations.

Serialization and Data Management: Data-On and Data-Out Considerations

This live webinar, hosted by industry experts Thierry Protas (Videojet) and Luc Vaillancourt (Optel Vision), is the second and final webinar about data management requirements deriving from serialization regulations in Europe and the United States.

The Manufacturer/CMO Serialization Experience: Financing and Other Success Factors

Serialization is a challenging process for pharmaceutical manufacturers. It requires a lot of preparation and involves many departments within an organization. As a CMO, getting ready for serialization can be even more difficult, considering the requirements of each and every customer.

The Truth About Serialization and Brazilian Regulation

This informative event will discuss how to interpret Brazil's regulatory system, review important RDC details, and provide helpful suggestions on how to manage the process.

Successful Serialization Implementation: IT and connectivity really matter

connectivity really matter
The second live webinar IT and connectivity really matter from the series Successful Serialization Implementation by Optel Vision and Healthcare Packaging, address effective solutions to these particular challenges through a dynamic conversation between industry experts.

Successful Serialization in the Packaging Line

This first live panel webinar brought together industry expert Jim Chrzan, Chief Technology Officer Jean Pierre Allard from Optel Vision and Sr Director Global Engineering and Technology Chris Howell from Patheon to address major challenges and best practices in serialization implementation in the packaging line.

Die tatsächlichen Serialisierungskosten - Fokus auf Europa

Exklusives Webinar!

The Real Cost of Serialization - Focus on Europe

Don't miss this webinar and get useful insights on how to prepare an accurate budget and a proper action plan to help you start your serialization process.

The Real Cost of Serialization

Don't miss our new complimentary webinar and get useful insights on how to prepare an accurate budget and a proper action plan to help you start your serialization process.

Healthcare Providers Drive Open-SCS Initiative: A Serialization Compliance Solution

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