OPTEL to Host Beehives!

OPTEL embarks on a project that is as original as it is beneficial: urban beekeeping. By installing beehives on the roof of their headquarters in the Québec Metro High Tech Park, OPTEL takes concrete action in regard to sustainable development.

Urban beekeeping contributes to local honey production, pollination, and overall perennial greening. Bee population is waning around the world, and urban beekeeping is designed to prevent these tiny tireless workers from going extinct while raising awareness about the vital role they play in the environment. As pollinating insects, bees have a major impact on the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and nuts – when all is said and done, one-third of our food production hangs upon their pollination!

The beehives will be installed and the honey harvested with the help of Alvéole, a social business specializing in urban beekeeping and founded in Montréal in 2012. Their goal? Changing, one beehive at a time, the urban landscape of Canadian cities.