Quebec City, May 1, 2018 – OPTEL Group shows once more its commitment toward sustainable mobility by acquiring the VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE movement (cycling-friendly) bronze certification from Vélo Québec.

The VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE movement acknowledges the actions taken by awarding certifications to companies working to promote cycling. OPTEL deserves this certification because, among others, it recently acquired bicycle racks, showers and lockers in order to promote and encourage employees to use cycling as a real option for transportation. Vélo Québec grants this certification according to the 5 following aspects: environment, education, encouragement, guidance, evaluation and planning. Furthermore, every year in May, OPTEL plans and hosts a Sustainable Mobility Fair where employees can fine-tune their bicycles for free.

This bronze certification from VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE fits perfectly with OPTEL’s values and overall vision. Sustainable transport alternatives are a priority for the company, which makes every effort to encourage alternative means of transportation other than solo automobile among its employees. This certification is also part of OPTEL’s continuous improvement process.

“Vélo Québec is very happy to award the VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE bronze certification to OPTEL. OPTEL has clearly shown its will to increase the modal share of cycling with its employees, especially through surveys and interviews to learn more about their employees’ needs and concerns about cycling,” acknowledges Suzanne Lareau, President and CEO of Vélo Québec.


The purpose of this initiative is to encourage communities and organizations to use cycling a real option of transportation and a great activity for all. VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE offers tools and services to reach this goal and recognizes accomplishments by awarding honourable mentions or certifications – bronze, silver, or platinum.

The VÉLOSYMPATHIQUE movement is an initiative that was launched by Vélo Québec in September 2015. This program was directly inspired by Bicycle Friendly America, created in 1980 by The League of American Bicyclists, and established in Ontario by Share the Road Cycling Coalition in 2010.

About Vélo Québec

Founded in 1967, the mission of Vélo Québec is to promote and develop cycling, and its expertise is now recognized throughout the world by the entire international cycling community.