Quebec City, September 20, 2017 — OPTEL GROUP, a leading global provider of traceability systems for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, continues to expand its international customer base through a higher production capacity and fast turnaround time.

OPTEL already holds the largest worldwide market share (25.7%) in Track&Trace systems thanks to its expert guidance and forward-thinking solutions, which also include an established portfolio of renowned inspection systems, extensive training programs, engineering services and more.

Namely, as compliance legislations evolve, OPTEL always stays ahead of the curve and is already helping new and existing customers implement leading aggregation technologies, as aggregation (in addition to serialization) is now gradually becoming the norm in the pharmaceutical industry.

Moreover, OPTEL’s proven technologies are now being applied and expanded in a wide variety of ways, and its expertise is not limited to hardware. Software is also becoming an extremely important part of OPTEL’s offering in order to allow customers to fully benefit from their systems by going beyond serialization compliance and achieving efficiencies they never even imagined. To help customers even further, OPTEL now has the largest production capacity and among the fastest turnaround times in the industry. “Our extensive team and efficient processes give us the capacity to deliver quickly. In fact, customers can currently expect to have their serialization lines ready to be installed within 16 weeks,” states Sonia Bélanger, Vice-President of Customer Experience. With an international workforce of over 900 employees across four sites ─ located in Canada, Ireland, India and Brazil ─ OPTEL is well-positioned to best serve customers worldwide.

Furthermore, OPTEL GROUP is proud to be a socially responsible company and Certified B Corporation, meaning that its business model revolves around its customers, the well-being of people, and the sustainability of the planet. “When I founded OPTEL in 1989, my goal was to use innovative technologies to help create a better world,” declares Louis Roy, President of OPTEL GROUP. “Our traceability systems now help ensure product quality and safety through serialization and aggregation, but this is just the beginning. Traceability is the key to so much more than compliance. It can help achieve efficiencies that can not only save companies money, but it can also help save the planet,” concludes Mr. Roy.