National Platform for Circular Manufacturing

OPTEL Ireland proud founding member of National Platform for Circular Manufacturing


OPTEL is among close to 30 founding partners of Circuléire, Ireland’s National Platform for Circular Manufacturing.

Using manufacturing companies and their supply chains as a role model, Circuléire aims to accelerate the transition toward a net zero-carbon circular economy in Ireland. The organization aims to “de-risk, demystify and deliver” circular economy concepts through large-scale systems-level innovation demonstration projects.

Spearheaded by Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) and aligned with Government of Ireland policy agendas, it is the country’s first major public-private systems innovation initiative for circularity and its members hope to lay the foundation for a wider transition of the Irish economy.
“As a company, it is part of our mission and vision to be a leader in the march toward a more circular economy,” said Desmond O’Sullivan, Customer Experience Director at OPTEL’s European facilities in Limerick.
“An initiative like Circuléire offers likeminded organizations the opportunity to take concrete steps to minimize our collective carbon footprint and to help Ireland take its place as a European and global circularity leader.”

Among Circuléire’s main objectives are to reduce carbon emissions among members by 20% over three years; identify barriers to implementation and strategies to overcome them; develop frameworks and toolkits to eliminate risk and prove the value of the circular economy; and increase Ireland’s relevance in the circular economy.
It will issue calls for project proposals to be financed by its Innovation Fund, providing a projected funding envelope of €500,000 per year over the next three years.