Quebec City, June 8, 2017 – OPTEL GROUP announced today that it is now the first company in Quebec City to officially become a Certified B Corporation. Thisis an importantstep in OPTEL’s mission to encourage individuals and corporations to initiate or take part in actions that benefit people, business, communities and the planet.

OPTEL is especially proud of this certification as it signifies many firsts. In fact, OPTEL is not only the first company in Quebec City to become a Certified B Corporation, but is also among the first companies in the world, for the pharmaceutical and high-tech industry to gain this distinction.

I strongly believe that social responsibility can coexist with profitability and that we all have to play our part and take action so that future generations inherit a better, more sustainable world,” says Louis Roy, President of OPTEL. “Part of my mission is to inspire other business leaders to join this movement, so it’s very important to me that we demonstrate that we truly practice what we preach,” added Mr. Roy.

“We are delighted to welcome OPTEL to the Canadian and Global B Corp Community. OPTEL is an example that the movement of using business as a force for good cannot be limited to a few industries only. We know their leadership will influence many other mission aligned businesses to join this already growing movement in Quebec”, says Joyce Sou, B Lab Canada Director.

What is a B Corporation?
Certified B Corporations ─ also known as B Corps ─ are for-profit companies certified by the non-profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. These companies are leading a movement to redefine success in business and strive to not only be the best in the world in their field, but also the best for the world as a whole. The vision of Certified B Corporations is to use business as a force for good. To become certified, companies take the B Impact Assessment, a tool created by B Lab that examines several aspects of a corporation, and attributes points in various categories to evaluate a company’s impact on workers, community, environment, and customers.

Why does OPTEL want to be part of it?
OPTEL joined the B Corp movement because it is perfectly aligned with its own values and vision. In addition, with more than 2,100 Certified B Corps from 50 countries and over 130 industries working together toward the same unifying goal, the B Corp certification offers the strength of a growing community, which is key in creating momentum for this important initiative.

How did OPTEL obtain the certification?

OPTEL was able to become a Certified B Corp as a result of years of great practices in the community and environmental actions. Such initiatives include:

  • OPTEL supporting various causes and communities, committing to donate 2% of its annual profits to local charitable organizations in all its international locations.
  • OPTEL measuring its energy consumption and using severalsystems (such as smart lighting, etc.) to save energy and sensitize employees to the importance of this action. One of OPTEL’s objectives for 2017 is to reduce energy consumption by 5%.
  • OPTEL making sure that 50 to 74% of materials used to manufacture products are either recycled, renewable or selected based on environmental criteria.

For the complete list of actions and to view OPTEL’s B Corp profile and scorecard, please visit www.optelgroup.com/BCorp. OPTEL invites other like-minded pioneering business leaders to follow suit and join the movement to create a better world.