Quebec City, February 13, 2018 — OPTEL GROUP, a leading global provider of traceability systems for diverse industries ─ namely, pharmaceuticals and medical devices ─ is pleased to announce that it is expanding its traceability offering even further through the acquisition of GeoTraceability.

Consisting of two entities, one in Canada and the other in the United Kingdom, GeoTraceability develops advanced information systems combining traceability and geomatics technologies to help include small-scale producers of raw materials into complex supply chains.

The acquisition of GeoTraceability enables OPTEL to close its end-to-end traceability loop, by completing its offer with the first link in the supply chain; i.e., raw materials and resource extraction. OPTEL’s current expertise already covered most other aspects of the supply chain, such as manufacturing, distribution, consumption, and waste tracking. The addition of GeoTraceability’s technologies to OPTEL’s portfolio now makes the company truly unique, as it is the only one in the world to offer end-to-end traceability.

This new offering will also facilitate the company’s entry into several other markets such as the agrifood and natural resources industries. “Supported by increasing demand, geotraceability for raw materials is now a well-known concept throughout the world,” says Mr. Pierre Courtemanche, President of GeoTraceability. “Our solutions are currently used in 17 countries, mainly for cocoa, coffee, fruit, nuts, market gardens, cotton, palm oil as well as minerals, and our database contains information on mre than 250,000 producers in Asia, Africa and South America,” adds Mr. Courtemanche.

By providing information on raw material producers at the beginning of the process, companies and consumers can make more informed decisions regarding their suppliers or product purchases. This new ability is directly related to OPTEL’s mission, as end-to-end traceability is the key to a sustainable economy.

“Our plan consists in optimizing supply chains to increase performance. Our customers, initially, manufacturers, will now be able to benefit from unprecedented visibility over the origin of the raw materials that they transform, “ states Louis Roy, President of OPTEL GROUP. “In addition to increasing their operational efficiency and quality control, end-to-end traceability helps create a sustainable economy in the long term; this means respecting the environment as well as the availability of natural resources,“ concludes Mr. Roy.

Thanks to technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in particular, which ensures the security of the tracking process, OPTEL’s solutions will allow customers to increase productivity, reduce waste, cut distribution costs, control carbon emissions and even increase brand equity.

About GeoTraceability

GeoTraceability is a market innovator providing technical solutions that increase the visibility of suppliers and products in complex supply chains. We design and implement software to engage with, and support, the livelihoods of smallholder farmers and small-scale producers all over the world. Our digitized solutions include data collection tools, traceability systems and online data hosting services. Our software packages are designed to allow organizations to collect, process, visualize and analyze data in a cost-effective way, at scale. GeoTraceability’s solutions are used by public, private and non-governmental organisations in a wide variety of sectors including agriculture, livestock, fishing, forestry and mining. For more information, visit www.geotraceability.com.