OPTEL + JENNASON EU FMD Alert Management

OPTEL has joined forces with Jennason, an advisory consulting and solution provider, to help pharmaceutical manufacturers meet one of the biggest challenges of complying with the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (EU FMD).

The EU FMD requires manufacturers to promptly address the automated alerts generated by possible falsified medicines, a complex process that may differ between European markets. With a combined record of more than 40 years of service to the pharma industry, OPTEL and Jennason can help simplify that process.

Under the direction of its principal, serialization and traceability expert Scott Pugh, Jennason has developed the EU FMD Alert Manager, a simple, cost-effective solution to help pharma companies manage alerts more efficiently. Its features include:

• Management of market-specific alert management requirements
• Response tracking and automated reminders to ensure alerts are resolved within market-defined timeframes
• Full auditing of alert management workflows

Jennason’s EU FMD Alert Manager and other solutions, when combined with OPTEL’s powerful full-stack track-and-trace platform, help pharma companies achieve regulatory compliance and meet their traceability objectives.

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