On the 25/09/2017

When Traceability Meets Industry 4.0 ─ Supply Chain Visibility for Ultimate Empowerment

Industry 4.0 is certainly one of today’s buzzwords, but how fast is it coming and what’s really in it for you?

Discover global traceability and its vital role in Industry 4.0, as this duo can be the key to building trust and visibility throughout your supply chain, increasing product value while reducing risks and costs.

It’s well known that obscure supply chains are risky – Traceability counters that by providing product pedigrees to prove quality and authenticity.  How? Through the connectivity of Industry 4.0.

All the increasingly smaller components on the production line can now be connected to one another. Combining intelligent sensors and automation, real-time digital information, and physical product details generated by vision and inspection systems can be extremely powerful.

However, with massive amounts of data to interpret and leverage, sorting and interpreting it all can be a challenge – Industry 4.0 is the solution.


Hugues Foltz

VP Professional Services and Industry 4.0

Conference hours:

Monday, September 25, from 11:00-11:30 AM, Stage N-601