Traceability solutions for NATURAL RESSOURCES


Tracing raw materials from the production or extraction sites is becoming more and more ‘a most do’ to fulfil market and consumers’ expectations. Dedicated to providing quality customized inspection and traceability systems for nearly three decades, OPTEL is providing the technology solutions to track and trace natural resources such as cocoa, coffee, cotton, palm oil, nuts and minerals etc. to enhance supply chain visibility and transparency. Optel, with its Geotraceability platform, has proven its capacity to track and trace conflict-free minerals through pilot projects that demonstrated the reliability, flexibility and scalability of its solution.


Implementation of traceability system starting at the smallholder level in complex and harsh situations. Tracing from the farm, or the pit mine, to the export point in origin country is difficult to achieve because these supply chains are not organised and the operators don’t use sophisticated IT systems to manage stock and product flow, not mentioning the large numbers of intermediaries.


Easy to set-up

The System is built on a powerful and flexible event-driven rule engine that can be configured to address your most demanding

Secure Cloud based solution

Continuous product improvements are delivered on a multi-tenant cloud-based platform built on world class security and rock-solid reliability.


The database is accessed using an on-line platform, whilst data collection and traceability components work off-line and can be used in remote locations

Scalable and user friendly

Highly adaptable to the artisanal mining environment and customers specific needs

Improves productivity

Collecting the data using our tools, or a third-party system, the data can be visualised, analysed and downloaded using the web platform, which can be used to support productivity enhancement projects


The platform can import data from other sources connect to Optel’s solution as well as any other type systems, like your ERP, MES and PLCs

We ensure that our traceability solutions are fully compatible with our customer’s or customer suppliers’operations. We implement credible traceability systems, that could be audited by a third party, but without disturbing regular operations.

Our solutions ensure traceability from individual producers, or producers’ groups, to the export point (end-to-end traceability at country level).

GeoTraceability can be defined as the ability to link geographical information to traceability information, all along value and supply chains

GeoTraceability is currently operational in Africa, Asia and Latin America providing data collection and traceability solutions in multiple commodities.


Leveraging its expertise in traceability and with the acquisition of Verify Brand and GeoTraceability‘s technologies, OPTEL provides an E2E blockchain traceability platform (hardware and software) to be implemented at any level of the supply chain from raw materials, through goods manufacturing, distribution and cold chain traceability, to consumer experience and package recycling.

This brings several valuable benefits for the end customer, such as:

  • Ensuring the goods are authentic
  • Ensuring the goods have not been recalled and are safe
  • Tracking the origin of the products and their ingredients

In order to track manufactured goods and their components within the global supply chain, serialization is a key solution.


If you would like to learn more about GeoTraceability's solutions for natural ressources, please feel free to request a demonstration.



The GeoTraceability solutions are adapted to the mining sector to help fulfilling the Chain of Custody requirements of the ICGLR Regional Certification Mechanism (ICGLR RCM), which is itself compliant with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Supply Chains of Minerals from Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas. It also supports other initiatives, including the CFSI’s Conflict- Free Smelter audit programme (CFSP).