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Excise Tax Compliance

Many countries and regions are imposing an excise tax on manufacturers of certain consumer goods such as sugary drinks, fertilizer and tobacco, often with the triple objective of promoting health, mitigating tax evasion and increasing government revenues.

One of the ways to enforce the excise tax regulation is by implementing a Digital Tax-Stamp (DTS) program. This usually consists of a unique, secure code printed either on a stamp or directly on the product, enabling monitoring and traceability from manufacturer to retailer. The data is stored in a centralized government database. Manufacturers need to be registered and connected to the program’s system and provide product information for tax compliance.


How can we help?

OPTEL is a leading provider of vision inspection, serialization and track-and-trace technology, providing top-quality line equipment for tax regulation compliance and traceability. Our team of experts in manufacturing lines will help your business optimize your compliance process efficiently.

When you add a unique identification code to each product (serialization), you can leverage the resulting granular data to gain valuable market insights, supply chain visibility and increased operational efficiency. OPTEL is not a stamp provider. Instead, we provide cutting-edge track-and-trace technology that is complimentary to the DTS. We can also advise and support you in getting the best return on your serialization investment.

Watch this 9-minute video to learn more how OPTEL’s track-and-trace
 can help you achieve compliance quickly and efficiently.

Taking you beyond regulatory compliance, serialization is a risk-management tool that gives you the visibility and data empowerment you need to secure your supply chain.

Benefits of OPTEL’s solutions:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Combating various forms of illicit trade
  • Product authentication
  • Interoperable traceability
  • Flexible and vendor-agnostic
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • More targeted recalls
  • Consumer-engagement options
  • Scalable solution

Learn how our solution works and the key steps for beverage manufacturers to take by reading this use case. 

Use Case: Tax Compliance


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