Location: Canada QC   Type: Full Time

A certified B Corp company, Optel is one of the largest providers of traceability systems in the world. Its mission: to use its innovative technologies to create a better world through responsible capitalism. The company's renowned solutions guarantee the quality of healthcare products and help stop the counterfeiting of medicines and medical devices around the world. OPTEL also adapts its technologies to different sectors - from healthcare to smart manufacturing and beyond, all can benefit from global traceability. OPTEL's expertise will enable various industries to measure, inspect, control and monitor a wide variety of elements in order to improve product quality and ensure more responsible use of resources.



We are looking for a Software Director with strong analytical and decision-making skills to join our teams! If you are motivated and you love innovation, OPTEL is the place for you. Please note that the person holding the position must stay in the vicinity of Quebec City because on-site presence is necessary!



  • Agile methodology for optimal adaptability
  • Flexibility with remote work or modern office workspaces
  • Collaboration within a multidisciplinary team of software development experts
  • A culture of continuous improvement to excel
  • Regular social activities to strengthen team spirit



The Software Director’s main mandate Working within the Spotify-like Agile Model implemented within the OPTEL Software organization, the Director of Software Development directs, manages and coordinates through leads and supervisors the design and development of software products. This role ensures every step of the development lifecycle has the right processes implemented to yield high quality products as efficiently as possible.

More specifically they will:


  • Participate with the VP of their sector and other directors in the development of tactics to achieve strategic objectives
  • Translates the sector objectives into a measurable action plan for his or her organization
  • Align the development of their team with the strategic objectives
  • Carry out quarterly reviews of strategies and tactics to make the necessary adjustments
  • Deploys and maintains communication and inter-sectoral coordination plans
  • Supervise the supervisors of their department and ensure that they mobilize their respective teams
  • Develop the action plan for the implementation of processes and improvements in collaboration with supervisors
  • Define the required policies and procedures and ensure their implementation
  • Ensure the necessary support and training for the teams
  • Respect and control the department's costs, budgets, expenses and deadlines according to the various projects and operational priorities


Deliver high-quality software on time, on specification, and on budget:


  • Maintain focus on delivery timelines, ensure we meet them
  • Collaborate closely with the other departments in order to maintain quality standards and processes to implement the best solutions for the customers
  • Understand, support, and ensure compliance with regulatory and audit requirements
  • Participate actively and ensure that their team participates in the continuous improvement process

Play an active role as a member of the Engineering and Technology sector committee as it works to maximize the effectiveness of the overall sector:

  • Take decisions that optimize the use of the entire sector
  • Work closely with Operations & Customer Support to ensure operation-ready software is being delivered to those groups


Ensure we recruit, develop and retain top talent, both management and individual contributors:


  • Establish and maintain effective talent programs which enable the organization to attract, develop, motivate, and retain high quality staff in a cost effective manner
  • Identify, define and implement the processes necessary to manage teams remotely
  • Ensure a positive work environment and awareness by staff of organizational KPI
  • Ensure individual and team roles and responsibilities are understood, performance measurement objectives are identified, measured and monitored on an on-going basis in order to ensure engagement and provide positive feedback on accomplishments, and ensure immediate action is taken to address shortfalls.


Maximize the effectiveness of our Software Development spend:

  • Plan and ensure optimum use of resources, monitor use against plan;
  • Identify and implement the most appropriate development methodologies and tools for the corporation’s needs
  • Understand when and where product design should include self-service for operation and configuration, when / where it makes sense to leverage external tools and framework or partners


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related engineering field or college diploma with equivalent experience.
  • Minimum of 12 years of experience in the field of software development
  • Minimum of 5 years of management/leadership experience in a software development organization
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience within a Full Stack Agile or Scaled Agile (SAFe) structure



  • Demonstrated experience with full software development cycle and with Agile development methodologies
  • Ability to motivate and influence stakeholders to encourage agility and innovation.
  • Ability to manage and lead a team
  • Strong problem solving skills. Strong analytical and decision making skills; intuitive project management skills
  • Ability to adapt quickly to changes and manage ambiguous problems
  • Strong preference for previous SaaS/Cloud experience
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Bilingualism - English and French (spoken and written)


Additional Assets: 

  • Experience with developing and delivering C++ software
  • Experience with geographically distributed teams
  • Experience producing highly scalable software is valued
  • Experience with TDD is valued




  • Competitive compensation
  • Flexible hours
  • Ability to work on site or from home
  • Virtual health clinic and employee assistance program
  • Group and dental insurance from day one
  • Group RRSP and TFSA with employer contribution from day one
  • On-site amenities (free parking and power stations, free coffee, and free fruits)
  • 50% reimbursement of the monthly RTC Bus pass
  • Several committees in which you can get involved (B-Corp Committee, Social Club, SST)
  • Open, bright areas and ergonomic offices
  • Organization present on several continents;
  • B-CORP certified company.



OPTEL is an equal opportunity employer. We believe that diversity is essential for fostering innovation and creativity. We welcome and encourage applications from individuals of all backgrounds, cultures, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, ages, and beliefs. We are committed to providing a fair and inclusive recruitment process, where each candidate is evaluated solely on their qualifications, skills, and potential. At OPTEL, every employee's unique perspective contributes to our collective success, and we celebrate the richness that diversity brings to our team.