Location: Brazil Sao Paolo   Type: Full Time


OPTEL GROUP is looking fo an experienced Full Stack Developer to join his team! 

The position is based in Campinas, but you will collaborate daily with the team based in Quebec City, Canada so you must be fluent in English. 

As a developer within the ISC Exploration team, you build demos, proof of concepts and other types of prototypes aimed at supporting our business development. It is by monitoring the success or failure of those prototypes that Optel can better invest it’s development capabilities. A strong emphasis is therefore placed on the learning opportunity afforded to us through the use of those prototypes.

***Please send your resume in English***


This opportunity is open for CLT or PJ.

Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Participate in the identification / definition of opportunity goals and provide the required technical expertise to translate those in functional elements
  • Participate in the definition and organisation of exploration tasks in the backlog in order to provide visibility on progress
  • Act as a guardian of functional scope, prioritizing meeting objectives and minimizing optional tasks
  • Provide the required expertise to develop the required functional elements as aligned as possible with Optel’s current and future technical portfolio
  • Provide the required expertise to integrate or modify the functional elements provided by other departments or external consultants
  • Ensure all prototype source code is saved on the source management system and is sufficiently versioned to support exploration activities
  • Ensure all prototype source code is kept isolated from production source code to prevent any and all possible interference with the production process
  • Document, from a development and technical perspective, the outcome of the delivered functional element Vs the initial goal including :
    • Problems and resolutions experimented
    • Progress towards the initial goal including any missing components or suggestions for a production version
    • The comparison of the expected efforts Vs the actual efforts in relation to what was planned and what was achieved
  • Support the required demos of the developed functional elements to all involved parties as needed through development and knowledge transfer. 
  • Support the design sessions of our production teams which are tasked to scale a prototype into a full production feature
  • Collaborate and support scaling teams deliver Optel’s mission critical functional elements when the business requires the increased capacity

Required Skills

  • Degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent
  • Proficient in common programming languages from UI to backends (full-stack), especially those which support rapid prototyping (Javascript/Typescript, C#, Python)
  • Knowledge of Cloud technologies, .Net, HTML, CSS, XML. GS1 standards a plus (EPCIS, serialization, etc.) 
  • Network (DNS, TCP/IP), ElasticSearch. 
  • Knowledgeable about application hosting and deployment, either on premises or cloud based.
  • Competent with common modern technologies and operating environments (Operating systems, protocols, security, virtualization, service providers).
  • Autonomous and good at self-learning. You will be expected to integrate new technologies with little to no external support available.
  • Efficient and result driven. Favors using existing elements when possible while being able to “short-circuit” others to reach the goal more efficiently.
  • Creative. You are able to identify alternative means to attain a goal when faced with hurdles. 
  • Risk tolerance. You are comfortable supplying a user with unfamiliar technologies in order to more rapidly learn about them. You are also comfortable with little to no quality control standing between you and the end user.


  • Hybrid working mode (remote or/and at the office);
  • Flexible hours;
  • Healthcare plan;
  • Gympass;
  • Meal allowance.