Location: India GOA   Type: Full Time
Job Title: 
Summary: Manager, Technical Support APAC
Location: Goa 
Job Description :
The supervisor (technical support) has as the main mandate the management of the various activities related to after-sales services for the APAC region.  The team in place is made up of specialists with various skills (electromechanical, software, IT and project management) who are located in India.  As OPTEL's products and services are constantly evolving, the candidate must demonstrate agility and professionalism in order to meet present and future challenges.


 Team performance management:
  • Ensure the quality of work as well as individual and collective performance;
  • Identify training needs and opportunities;
  • Perform individual performance evaluations and establish an improvement plan based on clear objectives;
  • Effectively and systematically report on the achievement of team results.
 Coordination of tasks:
  • Take charge of the scrums and ensure their effectiveness;
  • Work closely with supervisors from other regions (America, Europe and Asia);
  • Structure and optimize procedures, ensure that they are rigorously followed and participate in their continuous improvement;
  • Ensure the effectiveness of problem-solving processes, participate in their optimization and ensure their implementation by the team;
  • Participate in the development of solutions to the issues raised;
  • See to respect of the budget, deadlines and priorities;
  • Promote the proper use of the various tools in place.
 Human resources :
  •  Act as a mobilizing leader by encouraging motivation;
  •  Provide the support and guidance necessary to achieve the objectives set;
  •  Promote a healthy work environment based on teamwork.
  • Bachelor's Degree in a technical field;
  • 3 to 5 years of experience as a team supervisor and/or manager;
  • English fluency;
  • Have skills in planning, organization, negotiation and communication;
  • Have a strong team spirit;
  • Results and customer-oriented;
  • Possess excellent analytical skills
  • Ability to demonstrate good business judgment and an excellent sense of priorities.